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typescript-starter - Quickly create and configure a new library or Node.js project

  •    TypeScript

Run one simple command to install and use the interactive project generator. You'll need Node v8.9 (the current LTS release) or later. The interactive CLI will help you create and configure your project automatically.

circleci-matrix - Small utility to mirror TravisCI's build matrix on CircleCI.

  •    Shell

Small utility to mirror TravisCI's build matrix on CircleCI. Then add your build matrix to a new file .circleci-matrix.yml, which is the default name. If you wish to use another name you can set it via the command line option --config/-c ($ circleci-matrix --config my-config.yml).

Max-Bot - Official Bot of the Full Sail Armada

  •    Javascript

Interested in learning how to use Max? See the Usage documentation here. Create an .env file with the following sensitive information. Replace the "xxx"'s with some unique information for your local Environment.

circleci-cli - :vertical_traffic_light: Powerful CircleCI CLI via pure bash

  •    Shell

A pure bash, feature rich command line interface for CircleCI. PROTIP: You are responsible for having stedolan/jq and github/hub on your $PATH.

condition-circle - Checks CircleCI environment before publishing successful build using semantic-release

  •    Javascript

You can read the step by step guide guide to setting up semantic-release with CircleCI (not just configuring this plugin). This tells semantic-release plugins to use this package to verify the environment to make sure we are running on CircleCI.

kickster - Worry-free deploying to GitHub Pages using Jekyll

  •    Shell

Kickster provides a basic Jekyll project setup packed with web best practises and useful optimization tools increasing your overall project quality. Kickster ships with automated and worry-free deployment scripts for GitHub Pages. You can push your project to any branch except gh-pages. For sitename.github.io repo users make sure to use another branch than master.

koa-rest-api-boilerplate - 💯 Boilerplate for Node

  •    Javascript

Koa REST API Boilerplate is a highly opinionated boilerplate template for building RESTful API application with Koa. This project follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

cypress-example-kitchensink - This is an example app used to showcase Cypress.io testing.

  •    HTML

This is an example app used to showcase Cypress.io testing. The application uses every API command in Cypress for demonstration purposes. Additionally this example app is configured to run tests in various CI platforms. The tests are also heavily commented. For a full reference of our documentation, go to docs.cypress.io. To see the kitchen sink application, visit example.cypress.io.

mr-brown - Mr.Brown is a responsive Jekyll theme

  •    CSS

For those unfamiliar with how Jekyll works, check out jekyllrb.com for all the details, or read up on just the basics of front matter, writing posts, and creating pages.

firebase-ci - Simplified Firebase interaction for continuous integration

  •    Javascript

Advanced configuration of Firebase deployment is often necessary when deploying through continuous integration environment. Instead of having to write and invoke your own scripts, firebase-ci provides an easy way to create/modify advanced configurations.

Circler - CLI client for CircleCI

  •    Ruby

Circler is a CLI tool for Circle CI. Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at https://github.com/unhappychoice/circler.

circleci-cli - Use CircleCI from the command line.

  •    Go

This project is the seed for CircleCI's new command-line application. This will install the CLI into the /usr/local/bin directory.

scikit-ci - Simpler and centralized CI configuration for Python extensions.

  •    Python

scikit-ci enables a centralized and simpler CI configuration for Python extensions. By having appveyor.yml, circle.yml and .travis.yml calling the same scikit-ci command-line executable, all the CI steps for all service can be fully described in one scikit-ci.yml file.

whirlwind-old - Reduce your test suite time from hours to minutes on TravisCI, CircleCI, CodeShip and even locally

  •    Javascript

Reduce your test suite time from hours to minutes on TravisCI, CircleCI, CodeShip and even locally. Whirlwind takes set of tasks that you wish to distribute, such as slow end-to-end tests, and runs them across compute nodes (parallelism), as well as within compute nodes (concurrency).

circleci-orb - Install, cache and run Cypress.io tests on CircleCI with minimal configuration.

  •    TypeScript

The Cypress CircleCI Orb is a piece of configuration set in your circle.yml file to correctly install, cache and run Cypress.io tests on CircleCI with very little effort. See this orb in CircleCI Registry. See the official CircleCI documentation.