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forge - A native implementation of TLS in Javascript and tools to write crypto-based and network-heavy webapps

  •    Javascript

A native implementation of TLS (and various other cryptographic tools) in JavaScript. The Forge software is a fully native implementation of the TLS protocol in JavaScript, a set of cryptography utilities, and a set of tools for developing Web Apps that utilize many network resources.

testssl.sh - Testing TLS/SSL encryption anywhere on any port

  •    Shell

testssl.sh is a free command line tool which checks a server's service on any port for the support of TLS/SSL ciphers, protocols as well as some cryptographic flaws. Or help yourself downloading the ZIP archive https://github.com/drwetter/testssl.sh/archive/2.9dev.zip. testssl.sh --help will give you some help upfront. More help: see doc directory with man pages. Older sample runs are at https://testssl.sh/.

Cloakify - CloakifyFactory - Data Exfiltration & Infiltration In Plain Sight; Convert any filetype into list of everyday strings; Evade DLP/MLS Devices; Defeat Data Whitelisting Controls; Social Engineering of Analysts; Evade AV Detection

  •    Python

CloakifyFactory & the Cloakify Toolset - Data Exfiltration & Infiltration In Plain Sight; Evade DLP/MLS Devices; Social Engineering of Analysts; Defeat Data Whitelisting Controls; Evade AV Detection. Text-based steganography using lists. Convert any file type (e.g. executables, Office, Zip, images) into a list of everyday strings. Very simple tools, powerful concept, limited only by your imagination. For a quick start on CloakifyFactory, see the cleverly titled file "README_GETTING_STARTED.txt" in the project for a walkthrough.

cipherhub - encrypt messages based on ssh public keys with easy import from github

  •    Javascript

It can be frustrating and annoying to communicate with somebody using public key cryptography since setting up PGP/GPG is a hassle, particularly managing keyrings and webs of trust.and it will fetch their public keys from github, storing the key locally for next time.

Decodify - Detect and decode encoded strings, recursively.

  •    Python

Boom! Thats what Decodify does. It automatically detects the encoding and decodes it and it does that recursively. Warning: Decodify uses third party web services for MD5, SHA1 & SHA2 hash lookups. If you are dealing with sensitive data, you are advised to use the -s option which will prevent Decodify to use these services.

.NET Crypto Library (Devv.Core.Crypto)

  •    DotNet

Devv.Core.Crypto is an encryption library written in VB.NET. It supports all the major Cipher and Hash algorithms: RC2, DES, TripleDES, AES (Rijndael), SHA and MD5. The configuration can be done using the application settings file, and it's quite easy to integrate. Compatible ...

Dynamics Ax CipherLib


The Dynamics Ax CipherLib is a simple X.509 certificate based cipher implementation that allows to encrypt/decrypt S/MIME or XML messages with Dynamics Ax 4.0,



This project is aiming to develop an encryption application that enables the user to encrypt and decrypt text (primarily) and files (in the future). The project will be written in VB.NET and called Consus.

Android-Goldfinger - Android library to simplify Fingerprint authentication implementation.

  •    Java

You can see all Goldfinger methods here. The CryptoObject is locked when created and it is unlocked when the user successfully authenticates. Once it is unlocked, you can use it to cipher data.

chacha20poly1305 - chacha20/poly1305 with the node api

  •    Javascript

ChaCha20 Poly1305 auth cipher with a node api with pure js and native bindings

aes - A JavaScript component for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Important for BIP38

  •    Javascript

A JavaScript component for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Fully compatible with Node.js and the browser (via Browserify).AES is currently one of the most popular block ciper encyrption algorithms. It is relevant to the Bitcoin private key encryption scheme BIP38.

bacon-cipher - A robust JavaScript implementation of Bacon’s cipher, a.k.a. the Baconian cipher.

  •    Javascript

bacon-cipher is a JavaScript implementation of Bacon’s cipher, a.k.a. the Baconian cipher. It can be used to encode plaintext to Bacon-ciphertext, or the other way around (i.e. decoding). Here’s an online demo.A string representing the semantic version number.

rsa-stream - encrypt/decrypt rsa with streams

  •    Javascript

This module is a bit silly unless you are using it as a wrapper because you shouldn't encrypt too many bytes with asymmetric crypto. Instead, encrypt a key for a symmetric cipher in a short header and then switch to symmetric crypto for the payload.You should probably be using hybrid-rsa-stream instead.

cipher-ethereum - A typed and fully-tested Ethereum library used by Cipher Browser, a mobile Ethereum wallet and Dapp browser

  •    TypeScript

A typed and fully-tested Ethereum library used by Cipher Browser, a mobile Ethereum wallet and DApp Browser. Copyright © 2017 Peter Jihoon Kim. This project is licensed under the ISC license.

aes-cross - A real cross platform AES encryption-decryption solution

  •    Java

Only all these 5 things are exactly the same can the AES encription and decryption be used anywhere. Most language supports ECB,CBC,CFB cipher mode (CBC is used widely), and all key sizes(128 is used widely). But the padding mode is different in different platforms, and it's also effected by cipher mode. You don't need any extra code on these platforms, just make sure using AES/CBC/PKCS5Padding ,and same iv, same key, the encription and decription will cross platforms. There're some platform don't support PKCS5Padding , that's the project to resolve it.

libbeaufort - A C implementation of the Beaufort Cipher

  •    C

A C implementation of the Beaufort Cipher

obsolete.cifre - Fast crypto toolkit for modern client-side JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Cifre is a fast crypto toolkit for modern client-side JavaScript. This is done by taking the best crypto code for js on the net and updating it to use modern technologies. There are plans to collaborate with the amazing forge project. See Issue 3.

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