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upm-package-cinemachine - Smart camera tools for passionate creators

  •    CSharp

Cinemachine is a suite of ‘smart’ procedural modules which allow you to define the shot and they’ll dynamically follow your direction. Set up shots which track and compose motion in realtime, like AI camera operators. The procedural nature makes them bug-resistant as they always work to make the shot based on your direction. They’re great for gameplay, but they’re also amazingly fast for cutscenes. Change an animation, a vehicle speed, ground terrain - whatever - and Cinemachine will dynamically make the shot. You can use really telephoto lenses and not have to update the cutscene if things change. Cinemachine works out of the box with no dependencies other than Unity itself. Just install it and you're ready to go. It's pure c-sharp, fully open-source, and the public API has complete XML documentation built right in.

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