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bitbucket-rest - Java client, built on top of jclouds, for working with Bitbucket's REST API

  •    Java

java client, based on jclouds, to interact with Bitbucket's REST API. Being built on top of jclouds means things are broken up into Apis. Apis are just Interfaces that are analagous to a resource provided by the server-side program (e.g. /api/branches, /api/pullrequest, /api/commits, etc..). The methods within these Interfaces are analagous to an endpoint provided by these resources (e.g. GET /api/branches/my-branch, GET /api/pullrequest/123, DELETE /api/commits/456, etc..). The user only needs to be concerned with which Api they need and then calling its various methods. These methods, much like any java library, return domain objects (e.g. POJO's) modeled after the json returned by bitbucket.

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