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StackStorm - Connects all your apps, services, and workflows.

  •    Python

StackStorm is a platform for integration and automation across services and tools. It ties together your existing infrastructure and application environment so you can more easily automate that environment - with a particular focus on taking actions in response to events. StackStorm (aka "IFTTT for Ops") is event-driven automation for auto-remediation, security responses, troubleshooting, deployments, and more. Includes rules engine, workflow, 160 integration packs with 6000+ actions

cml - ♾️ CML - Continuous Machine Learning | CI/CD for ML

  •    Javascript

What is CML? Continuous Machine Learning (CML) is an open-source CLI tool for implementing continuous integration & delivery (CI/CD) with a focus on MLOps. Use it to automate development workflows — including machine provisioning, model training and evaluation, comparing ML experiments across project history, and monitoring changing datasets. CML can help train and evaluate models — and then generate a visual report with results and metrics — automatically on every pull request.

MicroK8s - The smallest, fastest Kubernetes

  •    Python

MicroK8s is the smallest, fastest Kubernetes, Single-package fully conformant lightweight Kubernetes that works on 42 flavours of Linux. It is suitable for Developer workstations, IoT, CI/CD, Edge. MicroK8s is small, with sensible defaults that ‘just work’. A quick install, easy upgrades and great security make it perfect for micro clouds and edge computing.

image-syncer - Docker image synchronization tool for Docker Registry V2 based services

  •    Go

image-syncer is a docker registry tools. With image-syncer you can synchronize docker images from some source registries to target registries, which include most popular public docker registry services. After v1.2.0, image-syncer supports both YAML and JSON format, and origin config file can be split into "auth" and "images" file. A full list of examples can be found under example, meanwhile the older version of configuration file is still supported via --config flag.

Database Lab Engine - Thin database clones for faster development

  •    Go

The Database Lab Engine is an open-source experimentation platform for PostgreSQL databases. Instantly create full-size clones of your production database and use them to test your database migrations, optimize SQL, or deploy full-size staging apps.

argo-cd - Declarative Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes

  •    Go

Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes. Application definitions, configurations, and environments should be declarative and version controlled. Application deployment and lifecycle management should be automated, auditable, and easy to understand.

nelson - Automated, multi-region container deployment

  •    Scala

Container-first cloud-native deployment! Checkout the documentation site for more details.

vsts-cli - Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) CLI

  •    Python

VSTS CLI is a new command line interface for Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2017 Update 2 and later.VSTS CLI is currently in preview but we encourage you to give it a try and provide feedback (or contribute).

MCW-Containers-and-DevOps - MCW Containers and DevOps


Fabrikam Medical Conferences provides conference web site services, tailored to the medical community. Their business has grown and the management of many instances of the code base and change cycle per tenant has gotten out of control. The goal of this workshop is to help them build a proof of concept (POC) that will migrate their code to a more manageable process that involves containerization of tenant code, a better DevOps workflow, and a simple lift-and-shift story for their database backend.

MCW-OSS-PaaS-and-DevOps - MCW OSS PaaS and DevOps


Best For You Organics Company is one of the leading online health food suppliers in North America, serving customers in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. They launched their highly-successful e-commerce website, which sells subscriptions to their meal service, in 2016, and have been steadily increasing their subscriber-base since. Their service is tailored towards working professionals, who want convenient, reliable access to healthy meal choices, and pre-packaged recipes, without having to speed too much time preparing the meals. Their CIO is a big proponent of Open Source Software, and development of their web application was done using the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.JS, Node.js). Their code is hosted in a private GitHub repository. They currently have a continuous integration workflow, triggered by each code check-in/commit in GitHub, using Jenkins.

MCW-Serverless-architecture - MCW Serverless architecture


Litware, Inc. is rapidly expanding their toll booth management business to operate in a much larger area. As this is not their primary business, which is online payment services, they are struggling with scaling up to meet the upcoming demand to extract license plate information from a large number of new tollbooths, using photos of vehicles uploaded to cloud storage. Currently, they have a manual process where they send batches of photos to a 3rd-party who manually transcodes the license plates to CSV files that they send back to Litware to upload to their online processing system. They want to automate this process in a way that is cost effective and scalable. They believe serverless is the best route for them, but do not have the expertise to build the solution.

vscode-jx-tools - Jenkins X extension for Visual Studio Code

  •    TypeScript

Activate the watch activities by opening up the VSCode palette cmd + shift + p, type jx watch activities and the extension command will be activated. There are a number of commands available which can be invoked from VCode palette with cmd + shift + p.

MCW-Mobile-app-innovation - MCW Mobile app innovation


Contoso Air, founded in 1932, is a leader in the air travel industry, with service to more than 70 different countries/regions around the globe. Contoso is currently modernizing their entire ticketing and operations platform. With its global workforce, there is a need to access data with extremely low latency thus requiring replication across geographical regions. Furthermore, employees are becoming increasingly mobile and digital savvy. They expect to be able to have access to their data in real time from any type of the common mobile platforms; be it UWP, iOS, or Android. Contoso's competitors are smaller and nimbler, and as such, they have been able to transform digitally much faster and provide employees and customers with a better experience. To remain competitive and improve their customer satisfaction ratings, Contoso Air wishes to modernize their baggage handling and tracking process. This includes the introduction of RFID luggage tags, equipping baggage handlers with mobile devices to perform luggage scans, a customer luggage tracking mobile application, and adding IoT enabled RFID antennas and scanners throughout the baggage handling process. Employees and customers alike will be able to track the exact position of a piece of luggage from the time that it leaves its owner's hands to the time that it returns to them at the baggage claim.

terraform-aws-iam-s3-user - Terraform module to provision a basic IAM user with permissions to access S3 resources, e

  •    HCL

Terraform module to provision a basic IAM user with permissions to access S3 resources, e.g. to give the user read/write/delete access to the objects in an S3 bucket. Suitable for CI/CD systems (e.g. TravisCI, CircleCI, CodeFresh) or systems which are external to AWS that cannot leverage AWS IAM Instance Profiles.

azure-devops-cli-extension - Azure DevOps Extension for Azure CLI

  •    Python

The Azure DevOps Extension for Azure CLI adds Pipelines, Boards, Repos, Artifacts and DevOps commands to the Azure CLI 2.0. The Azure DevOps Extension is currently in preview but we encourage you to give it a try and provide feedback (or contribute).

orca - Advanced CI\CD tool for Kubernetes and Helm, Environments as Code

  •    Go

Orca is an advanced CI\CD tool which focuses on the world around Kubernetes, Helm and CI\CD, and it is also handy in daily work. Orca is a simplifier - It takes complex tasks and makes them easy to accomplish. Is is important to note that Orca is not intended to replace Helm, but rather to empower it and enable advanced usage with simplicity. What Orca does best is manage environments. An Environment is a Kubernetes namespace with a set of Helm charts installed on it. There are a few use cases you will probably find useful right off the bat.

hicicd - Microservices Continuously Integration and Continuously Delivery Tool

  •    Go

I’m trying not to reinvent the wheel as long as there is an open source CI/CD tool that meets my needs that any developers can build, test, and deploy the web application from the source code without any configurations, and the answer is NO. That’s the hicicd comes to my mind. Microservices architecture is very popular in modern web application development, build, test, and deploy the application is pretty straight forward, however, to connect, manage, and secure microservices is much harder compare to monolithic web application.

flint - Fast and configurable filesystem (file and directory names) linter

  •    Go

You think there is no place in code reviews to discuss about files naming conventions ? Impose consistent files and directories naming rules with flint: the filesystem linter. Configuration is stored in a .flint.sane file at the root of your project (repo).

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