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faviconize-google.js - Adds favicons to each link offered by Google search results.

  •    Javascript

The extension doesn't work any longer. I was unable to keep up with Chrome search result changes. Sorry. I still accept pull requests.

webpack-chrome-extension-reloader - 🔥 Hot reloading while developing Chrome extensions with webpack 🔥

  •    TypeScript

A Webpack plugin to enable hot reloading while developing Chrome extensions. Basically something similar to what the webpack hot reload middleware does. When you change the code and the webpack trigger and finish the compilation, your extension is notified and then reloaded using the chrome.runtime API. Check out Hot reloading Chrome extensions using Webpack for more background.

simptab - 简 Tab ( SimpTab ) - 极简的 Chrome 新标签页扩展,望你每次打开都有好心情。

  •    Javascript

简 Tab ( SimpTab ) - 极简的 Chrome 新标签页扩展,望你每次打开都有好心情。

chrome-browser-plugin - Chome browser plugin for the FundRequest platform

  •    TypeScript

Extension to fund github issues using the fundrequest platform.

jest-webextension-mock - A module to mock WebExtensions in Jest

  •    Javascript

In your package.json under the jest section add the setupFiles attribute with this module name. Alternatively you can create a new setup file and require this module.

toggle-youtube-comments - :cinema: :zipper_mouth_face: Chrome extension to hide or show YouTube comments

  •    Javascript

View the extension on the Chrome Web Store to see screenshots, features, and add it to Chrome. See the contributing guide for the goals of the project and how to develop, test, and publish the extension.

acronym-decoder - Acronym Decoder

  •    TypeScript

Whatever it is, Acronym-Decoder (A-D!) aims to help you get through the alphabet soup. It's a fairly simple tool that highlights words that you have a definition for, then lets you pull up those definition(s) with a click of the mouse. All of the configurable variables live within the config.json file. Change each property depending on your specific need to shape how the app will look and function. The changes you make here will propogate throughout the app.

protostar-relay - Open-source iteration of the official Relay devtool.

  •    Javascript

Get it on the Chrome Extension Store: coming soon. This project is licensed under the MIT License- see the LICENSE.md for more details.

which-query - 🦩 Which query should I use?

  •    CSS

This repository has been deprecated in favor of Testing Playground, which contains the functionality provided here and can be downloaded through the Chrome Web Store. When using testing-library, some developers may not be aware of which query to use. As a result, folks will jump to using escape hatches like *ByTestId or querySelector.


  •    Javascript

A chrome extension to read Paid Articles for Free & with no Ads, no subscription, no memberships!

sync-raise-hand - Your real raised hand will be synchronized with the action of the raise button in Google Meet

  •    TypeScript

Powerd by handtrackjs and vitesse-webext. Contributions are welcome 🎉 We accept contributions via Pull Requests.

link-to-text-fragment - Browser extension that allows for linking to arbitrary text fragments.

  •    Javascript

The Text Fragments specification adds support for specifying a text snippet in the URL fragment. When navigating to a URL with such a fragment, the user agent can quickly emphasize and/or bring it to the user's attention.

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