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Windows-Secure-Host-Baseline - Configuration guidance for implementing the Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 DoD Secure Host Baseline settings

  •    HTML

The Windows Secure Host Baseline (SHB) provides an automated and flexible approach for assisting the DoD in deploying the latest releases of Windows 10 using a framework that can be consumed by organizations of all sizes. Formal product evaluations also support the move to Windows 10. The National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) oversees evaluations of commercial IT products for use in National Security Systems.

enhanced-github - :rocket: Chrome extension to display size of each file, download link and copy file contents directly to clipboard

  •    Javascript

Note: For private repos(Issue #6), Github Access Token is required. Follow the steps mentioned below to add your Github Access Token. Since this extension fetches data using Github public v3 API for showing file size and download_url, it consumes free quota which is very less Github API Rate Limiting.

chrome-protocol-proxy - Chrome Debugging Protocol Proxy - reverse websocket proxy suitable for debugging a debugger 😎

  •    Go

chrome-protocol-proxy is small reverse websocket proxy designed for chrome debugging protocol. It's purpose is to capture messages written to and received from Chrome Debugging Protocol, coalesce requests with responses, unpack messages from Target domain and provide easy to read, colored output. This tool is a fork of (and heavily inspired by) chromedp-proxy.

chrome-reactive-kotlin - Headless Chrome DevTools Protocol Client (RxJava2 + Kotlin)

  •    Kotlin

chrome-reactive-kotlin is a low level Chrome DevTools Protocol client written in Kotlin and leveraging RxJava2 for easy composability.Library exposes all protocol domains in a single, cohesive and highly composable API. It supports both headless and standalone Chrome versions and understands BrowserContext from Target domain.

crocoite - Web archiving using Google Chrome

  •    Python

Archive websites using headless Google Chrome and its DevTools protocol. A lot of sites need some form of interaction to dynamically load more content. Twitter for instance continously loads new posts when scrolling to the bottom of the page. crocoite can emulate these user interactions (and more) by combining control code written in Python and injecting JavaScript into the page. The code can be limited to certain URLs or apply to every page loaded. By default all scripts available are enabled, see command line flag --behavior.

ui-kit-for-chrome-extensions - A UI template for designing the options/settings page for Chrome Extensions

  •    CSS

A small UI Kit for designing the options/settings page for Chrome Extensions. It resembles the exact look as the native settings page of Chrome Browser. NOTE: This Kit is meant for Chrome Browsers only.

pinboard-bookmarks-to-chrome - A Chrome extension for displaying bookmarks from Pinboard in the Bookmarks Bar

  •    Javascript

Using a bookmarking service like Pinboard is convenient. You always have what you need on-the-go, and you're not tied to a single browser. But for day-to-day use it's tedious to open the bookmark site and search for a URL, especially the most frequent ones over and over. I wrote this extension because I wanted a way to generate bookmarks in Chrome using Pinboard's "tags". You specify the tags (or combinations of tags) for which you want to generate bookmarks, and they'll be added to the Bookmarks Bar.

keeptune - Google Chrome Extension to download on Bandcamp, Soundcloud...

  •    Javascript

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Since my work has been stolen, please make sure you have the correct extension installed here and report any other wrong copy. Bug report and suggestions are welcome on this URL : https://jaymoulin.github.io/keeptune/issues.

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