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DotNetTextBox WYSWYG Editor Web Control For Asp.Net2.0/3.5

DotNetTextBox WYSWYG Editor Web Control For Asp.Net2.0/3.5,Open Source Version!


merge "Chinese Did you mean..." and "Search as you type" project in one. As ProjectName means, this project supports "Did you mean..." feature in Chinese ( or any other language.) and intellisense when you key in search textbox.


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The Fastcopy Helper

The Fastcopy Helper is a auxiliary tool for fastcopy.


This project is used to segment text into tokens according its context and semantic. the segment use front-maximum matching and CRF algorithms to split text.


Rincevent is a software that allows you to learn in a non-monotonous manner, all day long, wherever you are.


Windows Live Login demo using dotnet1.1 Framwork.(Some contents on the page in Chinese .So sorry for my poor english :( ) ???????????dotNet1.1????????^_^????????E?????????????E????????????


A better region picker plugin for jQuery in China. based on Chineserp, data provided by Chinese region db