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pangu.js - 為什麼你們就是不能加個空格呢?

  •    Javascript

Paranoid text spacing for good readability, to automatically insert whitespace between CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and half-width characters (alphabetical letters, numerical digits and symbols).

OpenCC - A project for conversion between Traditional and Simplified Chinese

  •    C++

Open Chinese Convert (OpenCC, 開放中文轉換) is an opensource project for conversion between Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, supporting character-level conversion, phrase-level conversion, variant conversion and regional idioms among Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong kong.

learn-with-open-source - 借助开源项目,学习软件开发

  •    Shell

This book uses GitBook to build. Welcome! Join us to finish this book.

chinese-poetry - 最全中华古诗词数据库, 唐宋两朝近一万四千古诗人, 接近5.5万首唐诗加26万宋诗. 两宋时期1564位词人,21050首词。

  •    Python

最全的中华古典文集数据库, 包含5.5万首唐诗、26万首宋诗和2.1万首宋词. 唐宋两朝近1.4万古诗人, 和两宋时期1.5K词人. 数据来源于互联网. 为什么要做这个仓库? 古诗是中华民族乃至全世界的瑰宝, 我们应该传承下去, 虽然有古典文集, 但大多数人并没有拥有这些书籍. 从某种意义上来说, 这些庞大的文集离我们是有一定距离的。而电子版方便拷贝, 所以此开源数据库诞生了. 你可以用此数据做任何有益的事情, 甚至我也可以帮助你.

node-segment - 基于Node.js的中文分词模块

  •    Javascript

Chinese word segmentation 中文分词模块

Chinese-Word-Vectors - 100+ Chinese Word Vectors 上百种预训练中文词向量

  •    Python

This project provides 100+ Chinese Word Vectors (embeddings) trained with different representations (dense and sparse), context features (word, ngram, character, and more), and corpora. One can easily obtain pre-trained vectors with different properties and use them for downstream tasks. Moreover, we provide a Chinese analogical reasoning dataset CA8 and an evaluation toolkit for users to evaluate the quality of their word vectors.

raft-zh_cn - Raft一致性算法论文的中文翻译



gse - Go efficient text segmentation; support english, chinese, japanese and other. Go 语言高性能分词

  •    Go

Go efficient text segmentation; support english, chinese, japanese and other. Dictionary with double array trie (Double-Array Trie) to achieve, Sender algorithm is the shortest path based on word frequency plus dynamic programming.

Rasa_NLU_Chi - Turn Chinese natural language into structured data 中文自然语言理解

  •    Python

For training, please build the MITIE Wordrep Tool. Note that Chinese corpus should be tokenized first before feeding into the tool for training. Close-domain corpus that best matches user case works best. A trained model from Chinese Wikipedia Dump and Baidu Baike can be downloaded from 中文Blog.