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  •    Javascript

chess.js is a Javascript chess library that is used for chess move generation/validation, piece placement/movement, and check/checkmate/stalemate detection - basically everything but the AI. chess.js has been extensively tested in node.js and most modern browsers.

Stockfish - A powerful, open-source chess engine

  •    C++

Stockfish plays better and faster than humans. And it's one of the strongest chess engines in the world, appearing near or at the top of most chess engine rating lists.

lichess - Online Chess Game Server

  •    Scala

Lila (li[chess in sca]la) is a free online chess game server focused on realtime gameplay and ease of use. It features a search engine, computer analysis distributed with fishnet, tournaments, simuls, forums, teams, tactic trainer, a mobile app, and a shared analysis board. The UI is available in more than 80 languages thanks to the community.

lichobile - lichess.org mobile application

  •    TypeScript

Lichess mobile is a cordova application. It is written in TypeScript and JavaScript. The rendering library is mithril.js. It uses babel, browserify and gulp as build tools. It talks to a native Stockfish engine, supporting multiple variants, through a cordova plugin. Multi-variant chess library is brought by a JavaScript version of scalachess. Then copy env.json.example to env.json and modify settings to link your app to a lichess server.

chessboardjs - JavaScript Chess Board

  •    Javascript

chessboard.js is a standalone JavaScript Chess Board. It is designed to be "just a board" and expose a powerful API so that it can be used in different ways. You can use chessboard.js to show game positions alongside your expert commentary, to have a tactics website where users have to guess the best move,

AncientBeast - 🐺 Turn Based Strategy Game. Master your beasts!

  •    Javascript

The project is developed with the use of free open source cross platform applications and freeware services. Mega comes in very handy when working on the game assets collaboratively, while GitHub handles the code part and stores the final assets. Art contributions can be made as well in our deviantArt group. Drop by our Discord chat and be a part of the community! Blender is being used for creating most of the assets, such as combat locations, creatures and their own animations, which are rendered into sprites that are usually made into sprite-sheets using our Spritify add-on, as well as for many other tasks. Krita, Gimp and MyPaint are useful for concept art, while Inkscape is useful for creating the vector creature ability icons.

Engine Wars Chess Client

  •    CSharp

EngineWars is Client/Server framework to host chess matches of humans vs humans, humans vs Chess Engines, and engines vs engines in casual play and tournaments.

Chess Engine Diagnostics


Chess Engine diagnostics helps you to validate your own chess engines.


  •    DotNet

IBCSharp consists of an improved version of Karl Schulze's Interactive Brokers C# API, a WinForms C# algorithmic daytrading program, and a WinForms C# long term trading program.



vsChessMania, was originally released on 1st May 2005, after its original developer Sumit Gupta, release it's first public version. Sumit starts vsChessMania as college project but later he took the project to different level.

Chess Control Library


Chess Control and Parsers Handles pgn files, FEN position strings and my own compact huffman position data. Added something I call DFEN which stands for Diagram FEN for persisting arrows etc displayed on the board. Support for Winboard / UCI engines; moved from sourceforge

Simple Chess

  •    WPF

A simple chess engine & UI implemented in C# and WPF.

UCI Protocol Sniffer [UCIPlug]

  •    DotNet

UCIPlug allows dumping the UCI messages exchanged between a UCI compliant GUI (for ex., Chessbase) and an UCI engine (for ex., Rybka 2.2). UCIPlug is written in C# and is targeted at .NET 3.5 (though, can be recompiled for .NET 2.0).

WPF 3D Chess Game

  •    WPF

A WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) 3D chess game. Supports AI or "player vs. player" game modes.

Shatranj - Yet another Chess program

  •    CSharp

A WPF / Silverlight based frontend to Huo Chess. This project was conceived as a way to learn key WPF / Silverlight concepts. At the release, it's envisaged to support .Net 4.0 & Silverlight 4.0.

Swyish Chess

  •    CSharp

Chess Application built using C# and WPF



Play chess against yourself in WinForms or WPF: A demonstration of Strict MVC architecture.

The Turk


The Turk is chess engine developed under .NET Framework 4.0. At the moment, only winboard protocol is supported and waiting to implement UCI protocol. It is still under development and waiting contributers to support project.


  •    C++

oochess is an object oriented chess engine with GUI using C++ (CLR support)