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rails-security-checklist - :key: Community-driven Rails Security Checklist (see our GitHub Issues for the newest checks that aren't yet in the README)

  •    Ruby

This checklist is limited to Rails security precautions and there are many other aspects of running a Rails app that need to be secured (e.g. up-to-date operating system and other software) that this does not cover. Consult a security expert. One aim for this document is to turn it into a community resource much like the Ruby Style Guide.

checklist-going-live - The checklist that is used when a project is going live


Spatie is a webdesign agency based in Antwerp, Belgium. You'll find an overview of all our open source projects on our website.

Front-End-Checklist - 🗂 The perfect Front-End Checklist for modern websites and meticulous developers

  •    Javascript

It is based on Front-End developers' years of experience, with the additions coming from some other open-source checklists. You can contribute to the Front-End Checklist App reading the README_APP file which explain everything about the project.

Front-End-Design-Checklist - 💎 The Design Checklist for Creative Web Designers and Patient Front-End Developers


The Design Checklist for Front-End Developers is an exhaustive list of elements which can help developers to analyse and understand web designs and ensure the quality of their Front-End development. The Design Checklist for Front-End Developers is an exhaustive list of elements which Web Designers and Front-End Developers need to take into consideration to facilitate their collaboration. The following elements are a mix between known practices and new elements based on a long experience analysing web designs.

Front-End-Performance-Checklist - 🎮 The only Front-End Performance Checklist that runs faster than the others


Performance is a huge subject, but it's not always a "back-end" or an "admin" subject: it's a Front-End responsibility too. The Front-End Performance Checklist is an exhaustive list of elements you should check or at least be aware of, as a Front-End developer and apply to your project (personal and professional). For each rule, you will have a paragraph explaining why this rule is important and how you can fix it. For more deep information, you should find links that will point to 🛠 tools, 📖 articles or 📹 medias that can complete the checklist.

Travel-Mate - A complete travel guide!

  •    Java

A must-have app for those interested in travel. The app provides users with various features from choosing the correct destination to making all the bookings and to easily organizing the trip. The platform basically uses a mash-up technology. The app provides solutions for every possible problem a traveller might face during the course of his or her entire journey. While travelling from one place to another, there are a lot of factors to be considered to make the trip a memorable one. Our platform helps the traveller with anything and everything that he or she might need, from the moment he or she plans the journey till the time he or she is back home happy and content. The platform includes a wide variety of options - from selection of Mode of Transport, to finding out about the destination city, to provision of best music, novels, depending on the mood of the traveller. Travel Mate basically works in 3 phases.

contributing-template - Template for writing your own contributing guide


A template for writing your own contributing guide. Contributing guides are helpful documents that communicate how people can contribute to your open source project. This template is meant to be a checklist to make sure you haven’t missed anything, rather than offering guidance on philosophy or approach. Your final guidelines may differ depending on your project and needs.

config - Personal checklist for setting up a new Mac's dev environment.

  •    Shell

Config is a basic checklist I follow to set up a new Mac's development environment. It gets me up to speed with Git, Ruby, GitHub, Jekyll, and more so I can more quickly get back to coding. Be sure to open Xcode and agree to the terms of use.

Triathlon Checklist


Triathlon Checklist is a Windows Phone application for triathletes. Download it for free: http://bit.ly/TriathlonChecklist

WebDeveloperSecurityChecklist - A checklist of important security issues you should consider when creating a web application


A checklist of important security issues you should consider when creating a web application. This checklist has been reproduced verbatim from Michael O' Brien's blog post by the same name.

goprove - Inspect your project for the best practices listed in the Go CheckList

  •    Go

Inspect your project for the best practices listed in the Go CheckList. Contributions are most welcome. Instructions are documented in CONTRIBUTING.md.

npm-module-checklist - Steps to check when starting, working and publishing a module to NPM

  •    Javascript

You can add the included CHECKLIST.md into your project, or copy it into your README.md; then check items off as you go. Use one of the two badges to let everyone know your module is solid. If you include the separate checklist file, you can automatically insert / update it inside the README. Setup the markdown update as a step in your build process using update-markdown.

gem-check - GemCheck: Writing Better Ruby Gems Checklist

  •    CSS

Gem Check website generator (https://gemcheck.evilmartians.io). Run yarn and then yarn or gulp to start dev server with livereload.

cheq - A command-line checklist app

  •    Javascript

This is a command-line checklist with a simple text-based UI for adding, listing, removing, tagging, checking and renaming checklist items. This software is available as a Node module from npm, as well as pre-built binaries for windows, mac, and linux available on Github in the releases tab.

Online-Privacy-Test-Resource-List - Privacy Online Test And Resource Compendium (POTARC) 🕵🏻


Privacy Online Test And Resource Compendium© (short: POTARC) project original created under the MIT license 2016 - 2018 by CHEF-KOCH and community. The list is designed to show all available and useful online/offline tests in order to build strategies to harden your OS/Internet/Browser configuration against fingerprinting methods. Some of those services might collect only data to hand/sell it to 3th-party developer or people which pay for it to use it for 'bad' things, such services are (if known) marked and aren't preferable added - so keep this in mind before you request a site.

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