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starrtc-android-demo - 🚀starRTC,即时通讯(IM)系统,免费IM系统(含单聊,群聊,聊天室,文件传输),免费一对一视频聊天,VOIP,语音对讲(回音消除),直播连麦,视频直播,RTSP拉流,RTMP推流,webRTC服务端,在线教育,白板,小班课,在线会议,视频会议,视频监控,局域网直连(无需服务器),兼容webRTC, 支持webRTC加速,P2P高清传输,安卓、iOS、web互通,支持门禁对讲,可视对讲,电视盒子,树莓派,海思,全志,任天堂switch,云游戏,OTT设备,物联网平台,C语言自研方案,支持二次开发成类微信,类映客等APP,✨万水千山总是情,来个star行不行✨,更多示例请访问:


🚀starRTC,即时通讯(IM)系统,免费IM系统(含单聊,群聊,聊天室,文件传输),免费一对一视频聊天,VOIP,语音对讲(回音消除),直播连麦,视频直播,RTSP拉流,RTMP推流,webRTC服务端,在线教育,白板,小班课,在线会议,视频会议,视频监控,局域网直连(无需服务器),兼容webRTC, 支持webRTC加速,P2P高清传输,安卓、iOS、web互通,支持门禁对讲,可视对讲,电视盒子,树莓派,海思,全志,任天堂switch,云游戏,OTT设备,物联网平台,C语言自研方案,支持二次开发成类微信,类映客等APP,✨万水千山总是情,来个star行不行✨,更多示例请访问:

vue-advanced-chat - A beautiful chat rooms component made with Vue

  •    Vue

A Progressive Web Application showcasing all the features of vue-advanced-chat component. Built with Firestore, Vuetify, and Push Notifications. If you wish to get premium access to the real world example source code, please contact me by email.

Darkwire.io - End-to-end encrypted instant web chat

  •    Javascript

Simple encrypted web chat. Powered by socket.io, the web cryptography API. This project is an example of how client side encryption works and how you can integrate it as a chat service. Darkwire server is a Node.js application that requires redis. The Darkwire.io web client is written in JavaScript with React JS and Redux. It uses a combination of asymmetric encryption (RSA-OAEP), symmetric session keys (AES-CBC) and signing keys (HMAC) for security.

Silverlight Socket ChatRoom

  •    Silverlight

Silverlight Socket ChatRoom Silverlight Socket ???

play-scala-chatroom-example - Play chatroom with Scala API

  •    Scala

This is a simple chatroom using Play and Websockets with the Scala API. This project makes use of dynamic streams from Akka Streams, notably BroadcastHub and MergeHub. By combining MergeHub and BroadcastHub, you can get publish/subscribe functionality.

chathub-client - :octocat: :speech_balloon: Chatrooms for your Github Projects

  •    CSS

chathub-server is the backend websocket/OAuth server used to connect the sockets from the client application. chathub-client is open-source under the MIT License.


  •    Objective-C

UIKit only support Swift 3.2 for now. Swift 4.0 supports are coming. A bare minimal example in Swift 3.2, which will display a SKYChatConversationView without the navigation bar, to chat with a User hard-coded its ID.

BoilerChat - :school_satchel: BoilerChat is a live, anonymous, online chatroom for Purdue students.

  •    Javascript

BoilerChat is a live, anonymous, online chatroom for Purdue students. It was first created at Purdue's annual hackathon, and we've been working on it ever since. Thank you to Hayden McAfee for supplying the Purdue Course API. This API is what allows us to index every lecture at Purdue.

basic-vue-chat - Easy to use VueJS chat.

  •    Vue

Implementation of Vue-based chat. You can install the component using package managers, such as npm or yarn or install component from the repository.

QNRTC-SampleCode-Video-Basic - Sample Code 工程用于展示如何 加入/离开 房间,发布/订阅 音视频数据流,动态 启用/禁用 本地音视频数据流,切换前后置摄像头等功能使用

  •    Objective-C

Sample Code 工程用于展示如何 加入/离开 房间,发布/订阅 音视频数据流,动态 启用/禁用 本地音视频数据流,切换前后置摄像头等功能使用

socket-io-chat-room-example - A sample chatroom using socket.io and Express

  •    Javascript

A sample chatroom using socket.io and Nodes.js/Express based of the tutorial found here.

starrtc-webim-demo - webim,匿名公开聊天室,群聊,不含音频与视频功能

  •    HTML


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