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qiscus-sdk-android - Qiscus provide everything you need to power up your app with chats

  •    Java

With Qiscus chat SDK (Software Development Kit), You can embed chat feature inside your application quickly and easily without dealing with complexity of real-time comunication infrastucture. We provide Chat UI that has been designed and optimized for easy customization. So, you can modify the UI to show off your branding identity, favorite color, or customize event. Talking about chat app, you may figure out such messenger app like Whatsapp. You might have familiar with the flow, how to start conversation, and do things, like sharing image, inside chat room. If you want to create chat app, for customer service, for instance, Qiscus Chat SDK enable you to establish chat UI and functionalities easily. But before dive into it, there are essential basic knowledges you need to know about chat app.