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Scrollback - Embeddable cross-platform chat for communities and webstites

  •    Javascript

Scrollback is a web and mobile application for online communities conversations. Scrollback rooms are designed to enable communities to have an immersive and engaging experience. You can create your own community or search for existing communities based on your interest.

lhttp - go websocket, a better way to buid your IM server

  •    Go

Everything is customizable.Open two windows in your browser, enter http://localhost:9090.

Darkwire.io - End-to-end encrypted instant web chat

  •    Javascript

Simple encrypted web chat. Powered by socket.io, the web cryptography API. This project is an example of how client side encryption works and how you can integrate it as a chat service. Darkwire server is a Node.js application that requires redis. The Darkwire.io web client is written in JavaScript with React JS and Redux. It uses a combination of asymmetric encryption (RSA-OAEP), symmetric session keys (AES-CBC) and signing keys (HMAC) for security.

Niltalk - A multi-room disposable chat service written in Go that uses WebSockets for live communication

  •    Go

Niltalk is a web based disposable chat server. It allows users to create password protected disposable, ephemeral chatrooms and invite peers to chat rooms. Rooms can be disposed of at any time. It supports in-memory / file / Redis as the backend for persisting room and session states.

WCF Simple multi chat


This is a simple Windows form application that it's like a 'chat room'. Multiple users can login and chat with others users. The chat's core is powered by WCF



PoshChat is a client/server chat program written in PowerShell. Supports multiple client connections to a single server to chat.

react-native-socket-io-example - A demo for implementing a mobile chatroom

  •    Javascript

First, install React Native, Socket.io and other node modules. In a separate terminal tab, start the client app.

meteor-react-simple-chat - 💬 A simple chat application using Meteor 1.4 and React.

  •    Javascript

Meteor is an ultra-simple environment for building modern web applications.

inverse.js - inVerse: A fullscreen, single-page, XMPP-chat application.


inVerse: A fullscreen, single-page, XMPP-chat application.

qiscus-sdk-ios - Qiscus provide everything you need to power up your app with chats

  •    Swift

You should create one application per service, regardless of the platform. For example, an app released in both Android and iOS would require only one application to be created in the Dashboard. All users within the same Qiscus application are able to communicate with each other, across all platforms. This means users using iOS, Android, web clients, etc. can all chat with one another. However, users in different Qiscus applications cannot talk to each other.

ucx_ucc - A Team Collaboration Suite

  •    Elixir

UcxUcc is a simple but powerful team collaboration suite of applications designed to improve communications, information sharing and productivity for the businesses small and large. Checkout an older version's Live Demo. Click on the Register a new account link on the sign in page to create an account. This is actually the live demo of the ucx_chat project. ucx_ucc is based on a significantly different architecture that allows for adding custom plug-ins without extending the base project.

comicchat - Web client and node.js server based off Microsoft Comic Chat.

  •    Javascript

Quick and dirty. Based off Microsoft Comic Chat. Uses node.js and websockets. Connect to the WebSocket server and start pushing JSON. Subject to change.

GopherGameServer - Gopher Game Server is a full featured, fast, and fully customizable multiplayer game server API written in Go

  •    Go

Gopher Game Server is designed to provide all necessary tools to greatly ease developments of any type of online game (or any real-time app/chat). Gopher will handle all server-side synchronizing and data type conversions, therefore, client actions receiving, variable setting, messaging, and other functionalities are unproblematic. Moreover, Gopher has a built-in, fully customizable SQL client authentication mechanism that creates and manages users' accounts for you. It even ties in a friending tool, so users can befriend and invite one another to groups, check each other's status, and more. All components are easily configurable and customizable for specific project's needs.

machat - An open source chat server implemented in Go

  •    Go

Once the name and chat room is sent to the chat server, the client can then proceed to send string messages via TCP or websockets, the server will route the messages to the appropriate chat room and share them with other clients in the chat room.

ChatServerTCP - 保密型聊天软件服务器 /Private Chat Server

  •    Python

##chatserverTCP.py It is a python3 script. After starting the program, you can have a quick tour by using 'telnet' on terminal.