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react-chartjs - common react charting components using chart.js

  •    Javascript

You must also include chart.js and React as dependencies.The canvas element can be retrieved using getCanvas and the chartjs object can be retrieved using getChart.

vue-chartjs - 📊 Vue.js wrapper for Chart.js

  •    Javascript

vue-chartjs is a wrapper for Chart.js in vue. You can easily create reuseable chart components. You can use vue-chartjs directly in the browser without any build setup. Like in this codepen. For this case, please use the vue-chartjs.min.js which is the minified version. You also need to add the Chart.js CDN script.

tailwind-dashboard-template - Mosaic Lite is a free admin dashboard template built on top of Tailwind CSS and fully coded in React

  •    Javascript

Mosaic Lite is a responsive dashboard template built on top of TailwindCSS and fully coded in React. It comes with several pre-coded charts (built with Chart.js 3) and widgets, and it's a great starting for anyone who wants to create a user interface for SaaS products, administrator dashboards, modern web apps, and more. Use it for whatever you want, and be sure to reach us out on Twitter if you build anything cool/useful with it.

chart - Quick & smart charting for STDIN

  •    Go

or get the latest binary for your OS in the Releases section. chart works great with sql, or with any mysql -Nsre '...' query.

ChartJs.Blazor - Brings Chart.js charts to Blazor

  •    CSharp

This is a Blazor library that wraps Chart.js. You can use it in both client- and server-side projects. Don't know what Blazor is? Read this.

chartjs-plugin-draggable - Draggable element plugin for Chart.js

  •    Javascript

Makes elements such as annotations movable via drag and drop. To make an element draggable, simply add the following options to the element's config section.

angular-chartjs - Directive set for the ChartJS library

  •    Javascript

A fully functional directive set for the ChartJS library. Supports data bindings and attribute-level specification for chart specific options. and in your app init...

vaadin-chartjs - Vaadin 8 wrapper for ChartJS v2.x library

  •    Java

Follow me on to be notified about new releases. If you like the project please star it on Github and in the Vaadin directory.

django-jchart - 📈 A Django package for plotting charts using the excellent Chart.JS library.

  •    Python

This Django app enables you to configure and render Chart.JS charts directly from your Django codebase. Charts can than either be rendered directly into your Django template or served asynchronously to the webbrowser. Add django-jchart to your installed apps.

go-chartjs - golang library to make https://chartjs

  •    Go

Chartjs charts are defined purely in JSON, so this library is mostly structs and struct-tags that dictate how to marshal to JSON. None of the currently implemented parts are stringly-typed in this library so it can avoid many errors. The chartjs javascript/JSON api has a lot of surface area. Currently, only the options that I use are provided. More can and will be added as I need them (or via pull-requests).

vue2admin - AdminLTE dashboard tailored for Vue 2 application

  •    Javascript

Vue2Admin is a fully responsive admin template that is inspired by AdminLTE. Demo App The demo is just a proof of concept.

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