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needle - Nimble, streamable HTTP client for Node

  •    Javascript

The leanest and most handsome HTTP client in the Nodelands. Callbacks not floating your boat? Needle got your back.

CyberChef - The Cyber Swiss Army Knife - a web app for encryption, encoding, compression and data analysis

  •    Javascript

CyberChef is a simple, intuitive web app for carrying out all manner of "cyber" operations within a web browser. These operations include simple encoding like XOR or Base64, more complex encryption like AES, DES and Blowfish, creating binary and hexdumps, compression and decompression of data, calculating hashes and checksums, IPv6 and X.509 parsing, changing character encodings, and much more. The tool is designed to enable both technical and non-technical analysts to manipulate data in complex ways without having to deal with complex tools or algorithms. It was conceived, designed, built and incrementally improved by an analyst in their 10% innovation time over several years.

File Encoding Checker


File Encoding Checker is a GUI tool that allows you to validate the text encoding of one or more files. The tool can display the encoding for all selected files, or only the files that do not have the encodings you specify. File Encoding Checker requires .NET 2 or above to run.


  •    Javascript

utf8.js is a well-tested UTF-8 encoder/decoder written in JavaScript. Unlike many other JavaScript solutions, it is designed to be a proper UTF-8 encoder/decoder: it can encode/decode any scalar Unicode code point values, as per the Encoding Standard. Here’s an online demo.A string representing the semantic version number.

wtf-8 - A well-tested WTF-8 encoder/decoder written in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

wtf-8 is a well-tested WTF-8 encoder/decoder written in JavaScript. WTF-8 is a superset of UTF-8: it can encode/decode any given Unicode code point, including those of (unpaired) surrogates. Here’s an online demo.Encodes any given JavaScript string (string) as WTF-8, and returns the WTF-8-encoded version of the string.

vchar64 - editor for the Commodore 64

  •    C++

Tailored for my own needs, but feel free to send patches, to open bugs, etc.

expdevBadChars - Bad Characters highlighter for exploit development purposes supporting multiple input formats while comparing

  •    Python

This is a Bad Characters highlighter intended to be used for exploit development purposes. It supports multiple input formats and is able to effectively convert from regex-matching format to the byte array. This makes this tool useful while we have for instance shellcode encoded as a Python string concatenation sequence and we want to quickly compare it with the OllyDbg memory that we just dumped (either in textual, printable form or in raw hex binary bytes).

is-utf8 - Detect if a buffer is utf8 encoded.

  •    Javascript

Detect if a Buffer is utf8 encoded. It need The minimum amount of bytes is 4.

utf8-validator - UTF-8 Validator

  •    Java

A simple validator to check that a file contains only UTF-8 valid byte sequences

charset - use iconv-lite to encode the body and set charset to content-type

  •    Javascript

use iconv-lite to encode the body and set charset to content-type. You can set this.charset to cover the global charset.

postcss-normalize-charset - Add necessary or remove extra charset with PostCSS

  •    Javascript

Pass false to stop the module from adding a @charset declaration if it was missing from the file (and the file contained non-ascii characters). See PostCSS docs for examples for your environment.

utfx - A compact library to encode, decode and convert UTF8 / UTF16 in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

utfx is a compact library to encode, decode and convert UTF8 / UTF16 in JavaScript using arbitrary sources and destinations through the use of successively called functions, basically eliminating memory overhead. The standalone library is also capable of using binary strings and arrays (with the usual overhead) and provides polyfills for String.fromCodePoint and String#codePointAt.

detect-character-encoding - Detect character encoding using ICU

  •    Dockerfile

detect-character-encoding is licensed under the BSD 2-clause license but includes third-party software under different licenses. See LICENSE for the full license text.

encoding_rs - A Gecko-oriented implementation of the Encoding Standard in Rust

  •    Rust

encoding_rs an implementation of the (non-JavaScript parts of) the Encoding Standard written in Rust and used in Gecko (starting with Firefox 56). Additionally, the mem module provides various operations for dealing with in-RAM text (as opposed to data that's coming from or going to an IO boundary). The mem module is a module instead of a separate crate due to internal implementation detail efficiencies.

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