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minime - Minimi Token. ERC20 compatible clonable token

  •    Javascript

Anybody can create a new clone token from any token using this contract with an initial distribution identical to the original token at a specified block. The address calling the createCloneToken function will become the token controller and the token's default settings can be specified in the function call. Once the clone token is created, it acts as a completely independent token, with it's own unique functionalities.

pantry-for-good - An open source food bank logistics and inventory management tool

  •    Javascript

This repository is for the Pantry-for-Good application designed by Open Source for Good Contributors at freeCodeCamp. For deployment instructions see the deployment guide. If you'd like to contribute, the contributing guide explains the git workflow and the developers guide gives an overview of how the app works. The open issues are a good place to start, or you can try the app and add your own issues. If you get stuck or need help with something, feel free to leave a comment.

operationcode_old_site - Our open source website

  •    HTML

Operation Code is an open source community dedicated to getting military veterans coding, founded by David Molina, and maintained by over a dozen software developers with the support and involvement of the startup community. Ensure you review our Code of Conduct as well.

krypto-lottery - A lottery game implementation on Ethereum blockchain using Solidity

  •    Javascript

A basic lottery game implementation on Ethereum blockchain. Lotteries are heavily regulated by the governments, and aim of this project is to show people how easily you can build a lottery system on blockchain without trusting anyone and without spending millions of dollars for building a secure system. Randomness is the lack of pattern or predictability in events. A random sequence of events, symbols or steps has no order and does not follow an intelligible pattern or combination.

coin - You do not need to donate 💰 to feed millions of children. Your actions can.

  •    Javascript

You do not need to donate 💰 to feed millions of children. Your actions can. This idea is central to the OpenGenus community. We believe that when people come together, anything is possible.

milestonetracker - Milestone Tracker Contract

  •    Javascript

The MilestoneTracker is a smart contract between a donor and a recipient. It ensures that a recipient will get paid when they complete the approved Milestones and that the donor will receive the money back if a milestones is not completed. However this contract never holds funds and only signals to the Vault to send ether upon the completion of a Milestone. After the recipient proposes their Milestones and the donor accepts them and sends the ether the recipient expects to receive to the vault, the recipient can work towards the Milestones with confidence that once they accomplish it, they will receive the expected amount of ether.

MVP - The First Prototype of CharityDAO: An Open Source Platform for Effective Charitable Giving

  •    Javascript

This is the repository for the first prototype of CharityDAO (name to be changed): An Open Source Platform for Effective Charitable Giving. We hope to cooperate, collaborate and integrate with projects that can add value to Charity development whenever possible. WeiFund, Benefactory, Colony, Boardroom, WingsDAO, MakerDAO, and Status.im all are very interesting and have potential to help us improve the Charity Dapp.

vaultcontract - Timelock vault for securing the payments

  •    Javascript

This contract is designed to hold ether safely and automate payments to a pre-approved white list of recipients. While this contract is still being tested ether will generally come straight from a trusted Multisig as a safety precaution, but once fully tested and optimized this contract will be a safe place to store funds equipped with optional variable time delays to allow for an optional escape hatch to be utilized if necessary. _escapeCaller: The account/contract (ideally one account given to multiple trusted individuals) given the power to call the escape hatch and empty the Vault to a trusted destination in the case of an emergency; the owner can do everything the escapeCaller can do and can reassign the escapeCaller if necessary. The escape hatch is optional and can be removed by setting the _escapeCaller to 0x0.

dubiex - A fully decentralized, no fees, ethereum exchange for tokens

  •    Solidity

This repository contains dubiex related contracts developed by The Singularity Group team.

app - Impactasaurus frontend - making it easy for small and medium sized charities to demonstrate their social impact

  •    TypeScript

Impactasaurus is changing the way charities measure and report on social impact. We are building a free, open source, easy to use, configurable impact measure tool, which is compatible with any CRM. Read more about Impactasaurus at https://impactasaurus.org. The web app is written using typescript, react, apollo and semantic UI.