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chan - Pure C implementation of Go channels.

  •    Shell

Pure C implementation of Go channels.Unbuffered channels provide both a mechanism for communication as well as synchronization. When data is sent into the channel, the sender blocks until a receiver is ready. Likewise, a receiver will block until a sender is ready.

vice - Go channels at horizontal scale (powered by message queues)

  •    Go

PROJECT STATUS: BETA - Aiming for v1.0 release in October 2017. Special thanks go to David Hernandez, Jason Hancock and Piotr Rojek for their support on this project.

Channel Manager framework for distributed applications


The framework implements data flow programming approach ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dataflow_programming ) The general idea of the paradigm is building distributed application from components using channels and ports. Each component is an executable (running as separate pro...

WCF Visualizers Tool


Visual Studio 2005 shipped with a very nice feature called debugger visualizers. In accordance with their names, debugger visualizers allow you to visually view useful information about objects during debug. WCF Visualizers Tool contain number of visualizers: 1. Message Visuali

channels - Golang channel helpers and special types

  •    Go

A collection of helper functions and special types for working with and extending Go's existing channels. Due to limitations of Go's type system, importing this library directly is often not practical for production code. It serves equally well, however, as a reference guide and template for implementing many common idioms; if you use it in this way I would appreciate the inclusion of some sort of credit in the resulting code.See https://godoc.org/github.com/eapache/channels for full documentation or https://gopkg.in/eapache/channels.v1 for a versioned import path.

flexy - Friendly flux based on channels and immutable data

  •    Javascript

A Flux library based on Channels and reducer functions

django_redux - A re-usable bridge between Django channels and Redux

  •    Javascript

A re-usable bridge between Django channels and Redux. Most of this code is adapted from johnpaulett/channel_chat.

channel - CSP style channel implementation, for the Channel specification

  •    Javascript

This library is a reference implementation of CSP style channels. If you are not familiar with channels and do not have time to read the paper at least take 30 minutes to watch Rob Pike's talk that is a really good introduction. A key characteristic of channels is that they are blocking (not in a thread blocking sense, but rather in logical sense, you need to asynchronously wait to continue). In the most primitive form, an unbuffered channel acts as a rendezvous, any consumer will await a producer and vice-versa. Buffering can be introduced, but unbounded buffering is discouraged, as bounded buffering with blocking can be an important tool coordinating pacing and back pressure, ensuring a system doesn't take on more work than it can achieve.

ws-wrapper - Lightweight WebSocket lib with socket.io-like event handling, requests, and channels

  •    Javascript

Lightweight and isomorphic Web Socket lib with socket.io-like event handling, Promise-based requests, and channels. Much like Socket.io, this library provides a protocol and API that sits on top of native WebSockets. Rather than passing raw messages through the WebSocket via WebSocket.send(), this library provides an RPC-like API that allows you to pass JSON data over WebSockets and trigger event handlers on the remote end. There is also a Promise-based request/response API, as well.

pubsub - A Go package implementing a topic-based publish-subscribe system using channels.

  •    Go

A Go package implementing a topic-based publish-subscribe system using channels. Subscribers receive updates on channels provided to them when they subscribe to a topic. Topics are automatically created when you subscribe to them and they do not exist yet. In that case, a Publisher type is returned as well, providing methods to publish updates on the new topic. Topics are removed when a subscriber unsubscribes from it and there are no other subscribers left. Publishers include a stop channel from which reading only succeeds after the topic was removed.

fauxnix - A Fake Phoenix websocket connection for mocking channel responses.

  •    Javascript

NOTE: Fauxnix is a new project and is likely to change. Fauxnix is a mock websocket connection for receiving and responding to Phoenix channel messages and is heavily inspired by Pretender.

primus-resource - Define resources with auto-binded methods that can be called remotely using Primus

  •    Javascript

Define resources with auto-binded methods that can be called remotely on top of Primus. This plugin depends on primus-multiplex and primus-emitter however if you disable multiplexing then you can omit installing primus-multiplex. Method on an object prototype in the form of on + method, like onupdate will be automatically binded as an event on all incoming sparks, then the event can be called remotely by the client by just invoking the method name without the on like update.

primus-rooms - Node Plugin for adding rooms functionality to Primus

  •    Javascript

Node.JS module that adds room capabilities to a Primus server. All clients that joined rooms user:*, user:*:*, user:*:*:123 should receive the hello message.


  •    Javascript

Primus.IO combines the core Primus with primus-rooms, primus-emitter and primus-multiplex plugins to provide an easy and still powerfull way of developing real time applications. For more details on options or additional methods please check each individual module README file and test cases.

go-observer - Go package for simplifying channel-based broadcasting of events from multiple publishers to multiple observers

  •    Go

observer is a Go package that aims to simplify the problem of channel-based broadcasting of events from one or more publishers to one or more observers. Of course, this could be solved by creating one goroutine for each channel so the broadcaster doesn't block. Unfortunately, this is heavy and resource-consuming. This is especially bad if you have events being raised frequently and a considerable number of observers.

medium - A functional CSP library using ES7 async/await keywords

  •    Javascript

CSP-style channel library using ES7 async/await keywords. The other included buffers are, "dropping", which allows N puts, then begins "dropping" them, causing the put to resolve successfully but the value is not added to the channel, and "sliding", which allows N puts, then begins shifting the buffer, dropping the oldest buffered put value and adding the newest to the other end.

go-apns2 - Go package for HTTP/2 Apple Push Notification Service.

  •    Go

Go package for HTTP/2 Apple Push Notification Service. Go Apns2 is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

mediumjs - A small library that implements the Mediator Pattern in JavaScript.

  •    Javascript

Adds a listener to given channel. Execute each item in the listener collection in order with given parameters.

magic-cards - 🎩 Queue music, play movies, or trigger events with RFID cards.

  •    Javascript

Magic Cards merges the physical world with the digital world. It lets you create RFID scannable cards that you can program to do anything. Scan your card, music starts playing. Boom.

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