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Changeset - Minimal edits from one collection to another

  •    Swift

This is an attempt at implementing the solution outlined in Dave DeLong’s article, Edit distance and edit steps. A Changeset describes the minimal edits required to go from one Collection of Equatable elements to another.

DifferenceKit - 💻 A fast and flexible O(n) difference algorithm framework for Swift collection.

  •    Swift

The algorithm used in DifferenceKit is optimized based on the Paul Heckel's algorithm. See also his paper "A technique for isolating differences between files" released in 1978. RxDataSources and IGListKit are also implemented based on his algorithm. This allows all types of differences to be computed in linear time O(n).

FxCop Delta

  •    CSharp

A custom check-in policy for Visual Studio Team System that runs FxCop rules before performing a check-in. FxCop Delta differs from the normal static analysis policy by running FxCop only on the code that changed since checking out, thus eliminating tens or hundreds of static ...

ember-changeset - Ember.js flavored changesets, inspired by Ecto

  •    Javascript

The idea behind a changeset is simple: it represents a set of valid changes to be applied onto any Object (Ember.Object, DS.Model, POJOs, etc). Each change is tested against an optional validation, and if valid, the change is stored and applied when executed. Given Ember's Data Down, Actions Up (DDAU) approach, a changeset is more appropriate compared to implicit 2 way bindings. Other validation libraries only validate a property after it is set on an Object, which means that your Object can enter an invalid state.

ember-changeset-validations - Validations for ember-changeset

  •    Javascript

ember-changeset-validations is a companion validation library to ember-changeset. It's really simple to use and understand, and there are no CPs or observers anywhere – it's mostly just functions. Since ember-changeset is required to use this addon, please see documentation there on how to use changesets.

ember-changeset-conditional-validations - Conditional validations for ember-changeset-validations

  •    Javascript

An extra validator for conditional validations with ember-changeset-validations. Let's say you want to validate a user's settings. Only if the payment method is a credit card should the credit card number validations be applied.

Totem - Changeset calculator between two states of a data

  •    PHP

You have multiple ways to install Totem. If you are unsure what to do, go with the archive release.

atext-changeset - A library for building collaborative rich-text editors using operational transformation

  •    Javascript

A library for building collaborative rich-text editors using operational transformation. It's based on easysync spec from the Etherpad-Lite project. The format describes rich text document and any changes to it by expressing document and its rich formatting via text with attributes. The representation aims to be compact for quick transfers and effective storage.

changeset - Library to diff JSON objects into atomic put and delete operations, and apply change sets to objects

  •    Javascript

Generate diff changesets for javascript objects, decomposing diffs into a series of puts and delete operations. The format is similar to the levelup batch operation list for bulk operations. Handles circular references of Objects and Arrays.

wp-customize-snapshots - Customize Snapshots WordPress Plugin

  •    PHP

Provide a UI for managing Customizer changesets; save changesets as named drafts, schedule for publishing; inspect in admin and preview on frontend. Customize Snapshots is the feature plugin which prototyped Customizer changesets; this feature was merged as part of WordPress 4.7. The term “snapshots” was chosen because the Customizer feature revolved around saving the state (taking a snapshot) of the Customizer at a given time so that the changes could be saved as a draft and scheduled for future publishing.

grimoire - Database access layer for golang.

  •    Go

Grimoire is a database access layer inspired by Ecto. It features a flexible query API and built-in validation. It currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite3 but a custom adapter can be implemented easily using the Adapter interface. Common go ORM accepts struct as a value for modifying records which has a problem of unable to differentiate between an empty, nil, or undefined value. It's a tricky problem especially when you want to have an endpoint that supports partial updates. Grimoire attempts to solve that problem by integrating Changeset system inspired from Elixir's Ecto. Changeset is a form like entity which allows us to not only solve that problem but also help us with casting, validations, and constraints check.

validated-proxy - Typesafe, validated ES2015 proxies

  •    TypeScript

A validated proxy represents a set of valid changes to be applied later onto any object. Each change is tested against an optional validation, and if valid, the change is stored and applied when executed. Latest documentation is available here.

ecto_commons - Ecto common validators for Date, Time, URLs, Emails, PostalCodes, Phone Numbers, Luhn checks, etc

  •    Elixir

Ecto common helpers such as validators and formatters. Documentation is published on HexDocs and can be found at https://hexdocs.pm/ecto_commons.

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