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Watch.JS - watch the changes of any object or attribute

  •    Javascript

Watch.JS is a small library with a lot of possibilities. You may know that the "Observer" design pattern involves executing some function when an observed object changes. Other libraries exist that do this, but with Watch.JS you will not have to change the way you develop. Take a look at the examples to see how simple it is to add Watch.JS to your code. If you don't want to call a second watcher in the current scope just set WatchJS.noMore to true and it will be reset to false when this watcher finishes.

Changeset - Minimal edits from one collection to another

  •    Swift

This is an attempt at implementing the solution outlined in Dave DeLong’s article, Edit distance and edit steps. A Changeset describes the minimal edits required to go from one Collection of Equatable elements to another.

DeepDiff - 🦀Amazingly incredible extraordinary lightning fast diffing in Swift

  •    Swift

DeepDiff tells the difference between 2 collections and the changes as edit steps. It works on any collection of Equatable and Hashable items. By default, there is no .move. But since .move is just .delete followed by .insert of the same item, it can be reduced by specifying reduceMove to true.

on-change - Watch an object or array for changes

  •    Javascript

It works recursively, so it will even detect if you modify a deep property like obj.a.b[0].c = true.Uses the Proxy API.

github-changes - Generate a changelog based on merged pull requests or commit messages

  •    Javascript

For further details and specifics on how to use (and to contribute), see grunt-github-changes. When a pull request is merged with "Squash and merge", there isn't a merge commit. By checking the commit message for (#123) etc, we can match the correct pull request.

follow - Very stable, very reliable, NodeJS CouchDB _changes follower

  •    Javascript

Follow (upper-case F) comes from an internal Iris Couch project used in production for over a year. It works in the browser (beta) and is available as an NPM module. This looks much like the request API.

monitor-table-change-with-sqltabledependency - Get SQL Server notification on record table change

  •    CSharp

SqlTableDependency is a high-level C# component used to audit, monitor and receive notifications on SQL Server's record table changes. For any record table change, as insert, update or delete operation, a notification containing values for the record changed is delivered to SqlTableDependency. This notification contains insert, update or delete record values. This table record tracking change system has the advantage to avoid a select to retrieve updated table record, because the updated table values record is delivered by notification.

concurrent-couch-follower - a couch follower wrapper that you can use to be sure you don't miss any documents even if you process them asynchronously

  •    Javascript

a couch follower wrapper that you can use to be sure you don't miss any documents even if you process them asynchronously.

seq-file - A module for storing the ever-increasing sequence files when following couchdb _changes feeds

  •    Javascript

A module for storing the ever-increasing sequence files when following couchdb _changes feeds.

changes - A consistent, fault tolerant CouchDB _changes listener with pre-fetch support

  •    Javascript

A consistent, fault tolerant CouchDB _changes listener with pre-fetch support.

changes-index - create indexes from a leveldb changes feed

  •    Javascript

This package provides a way to create a materialized view on top of an append-only log.To update an index, just change the index code and delete the indexed data.

index-feed - setup a changes feed and indexer for leveldb

  •    Javascript

setup a changes feed and index processor for a leveldb

changelog - Finally see what's changed when you do npm update

  •    Javascript

Command line tool (and Node module) that generates a changelog in color output, markdown, or json for modules in npmjs.org's registry as well as any public github.com repo. Modules do not need to be installed to generate changelog but they must define their repository url in their package.json.

wrist - Minimalistic utility for generic one/two ways data bindings.

  •    HTML

An easy way to bind or react to properties change. It also works with input elements and their value, checked, or disabled too.

tail-stream - Like `tail -f` but a stream

  •    Javascript

tail-stream has one function: ts.createReadStream which is like fs.createReadStream, but does not stop reading the file when end of file is reached. Instead, it watches the file using fs.watch if available or fs.watchFile otherwise, and streams data as the file grows. If opts.endOnError is set, then error events are never emitted. Only end events.

changes-stream - A fault tolerant changes stream for couchdb

  •    Javascript

A fault tolerant changes stream with builtin retry HEAVILY inspired by follow. This module is a Readable Stream with all of the fun stream methods that you would expect.

run-when-changed - Selectively executes commands when watched files are changed.

  •    Javascript

Selectively executes commands when watched files are changed (Nix & Win32). Having more than one exec passed per watch will execute multiple commands per file when there's a change event.

backscatter - Reactive extension for Backbone

  •    Javascript

Backscatter is a small Backbone extension that notifies you of events anywhere in your Backbone model tree, no matter how deeply-nested they are. It's a great companion to React, since it enables you to carelessly trigger refreshes of your entire React tree whenever one or more base model(s) or their nested members change. Backscatter is a "catchall" listener. Anything that triggers an "all" event on your Model/Collection will be relayed by it.

Totem - Changeset calculator between two states of a data

  •    PHP

You have multiple ways to install Totem. If you are unsure what to do, go with the archive release.

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