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chan - Pure C implementation of Go channels.

  •    Shell

Pure C implementation of Go channels.Unbuffered channels provide both a mechanism for communication as well as synchronization. When data is sent into the channel, the sender blocks until a receiver is ready. Likewise, a receiver will block until a sender is ready.

uchan - µchan – Fast anonymous imageboard software

  •    Python

µchan is a modern take on internet messaging board software, also known as a BBS, textboard or imageboard. It has all the basic features you expect from a message board: boards for different topics, support for attaching images to posts and a system for moderating. µchan is anonymous and requires no account to post.

Yukko - The textpunk NNTPchan client

  •    Python

The directory to download attachments to. The command used to open a text editor.

gochan - golang inspired channels for doing CSP-style concurrency in node.js

  •    Javascript

golang inspired channels for doing CSP-style concurrency in node.js. This library is to give node.js without generators the ability to use golang style channels for doing concurrent programming.

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