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homework - A collection of coding exercises to be completed in conjunction the lessons available on elixirschool

  •    Elixir

Homework by Elixir School is a collection of coding exercises to be completed in conjunction with our lessons available on elixirschool.com. Each exercise is created as a standalone Mix project requiring a varying degree of code completion to get the include test suite to pass.

chall.stypr.com - Stereotyped Challenges (chall.stypr.com) v2

  •    Javascript

Developed from the scratch for my personal benefits. Brand new version 2. Now released with The Unlicense.

javascript-exercises - 📚 Collection of JavaScript exercises and coding challenges.

  •    Javascript

Series of interesting JavaScript exercises that I solved during my education. For each exercise I've tried to include several possible solutions. Thanks to Jest test framework you can easily check the correctness of your solution. Clone the repo.

curriculum - The freeCodeCamp curriculum and lesson editor

  •    Javascript

This package contains the "challenge" files used in the freeCodeCamp Curriculum. Copyright (c) 2018 freeCodeCamp.

Ninety-Nine-Swift-Solutions - Solutions to the Ninety-Nine Swift Problems (http://enekoalonso

  •    Swift

If you like programming challenges, we got 99 good ones for you. Maybe you are just trying to learn programming, or trying to learn Swift. These problems will challenge you to find creative solutions. Forking is not necessary to solve these challenges (you could do that by writting a small program in Xcode). Forking is also not neccessary if all you need is to use the test runner. However, if you would like to submit your solutions you will need to create a pull request, and for that, you will need to fork this repository.

cracknet - A

  •    CSharp

A .net Crackme Challenge made for the SecTalks Brisbane 2017 CTF Event. Note that this is a debug build and not a release build, due to compiler instructions. Only the executable needs to be included for the challenge.

Game-Clone-Challenges - [WIP] A curated list of progressive game clone challenges.


A progressive list of game clones for the practicing programmer. Tic-tac-toe (also known as noughts and crosses or Xs and Os) is a paper-and-pencil game for two players, X and O, who take turns marking the spaces in a 3×3 grid. The player who succeeds in placing three of their marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins the game.

felipefriends - :kissing_heart: Instruções iniciais e desafios do @training-center


Esse repositório serve para listar os desafios e prover as instruções básicas para o grupo do mentoria do projeto training-center.

fullstack-challenges - Open source's challenges of fullstack jobs to test your skills


Open source's challenges of fullstack jobs to test your skills. Only fullstack challenges. Only open source.

Challenges - My solutions for random coding challenges :muscle:

  •    Python

My solutions for random coding challenges on the internet. Well known algorithms I implemented with Python.

js-challenges - 🏆A collection of Javascript coding challenges, from beginner to advanced.

  •    Javascript

Some javascript challenges from beginner to advanced. A collection of Javascript coding challenges, from beginner to advanced. All challenges are taken from the generous web or created by some awesome contributors.

kotlin-coding-puzzle - Kotlin coding puzzle and solutions

  •    Kotlin

This repository contains a set of programming puzzles that are solved using Kotlin language (hints, solutions tests and useful links are here as well). Purpose of this repository is to help you to practice coding and develop strong problem-solving skills. This will help you to become better programmer and improve you chance of getting a new job, by passing whiteboard coding interview. Keep in mind that each puzzle will usually have more than one solution. Even simple puzzle like String reversal can be solved in 10 different ways. Usually, we compare various solutions using (Big O notation) to determine space/time complexity and we look at code readability.

AIODrive - Official Python/PyTorch Implementation for "All-In-One Drive: A Large-Scale Comprehensive Perception Dataset with High-Density Long-Range Point Clouds"

  •    Python

Developing datasets that cover comprehensive sensors, annotations and full data distribution is important for innovating robust multi-sensor multi-task perception systems. Though many datasets have been released, they target for different use-cases such as 3D segmentation (SemanticKITTI), radar sensing (nuScenes), large-scale training (Waymo). As a result, we are still in need of a dataset that forms a union of various strengths of existing datasets. To address this challenge, we present the AIODrive dataset, a synthetic large-scale dataset that provides comprehensive sensors, annotations and environmental variations. Specifically, we provide (1) eight sensor modalities (RGB, Stereo, Depth, LiDAR, SPAD-LiDAR, Radar, IMU, GPS), (2) annotations for all mainstream perception tasks (\emph{e.g.}, detection, tracking, trajectory prediction, segmentation, depth estimation), and (3) rare driving scenarios such as adverse weather and lighting, crowded scenes, high-speed driving, violation of traffic rules, and accidents. In addition to comprehensive data, long-range perception is also important to perception systems as early detection of faraway objects can help prevent collision in high-speed driving scenarios. However, due to the sparsity and limited range of point cloud data in prior datasets, developing and evaluating long-range perception algorithms is challenging. To address the issue, we provide high-density long-range point clouds for LiDAR and SPAD-LiDAR sensors, about 10$\times$ denser and larger sensing range than Velodyne-64. 1. Clone the github repository.

foobar.withgoogle - My Google Foo Bar Challenges

  •    Python

Google Foo Bar called foo.bar, is Google's secret recruiting process embedded within their search engine. There are 5 levels, each with a different number of challenges that follow a story. The system has been used by Google for at least a year and is triggered when a user enters certain search terms relating to coding languages like Python and Java. The search results page breaks open to reveal the message "You're speaking our language. Up for a challenge?" to which the user can decline once, request the message isn't shown again, or click "I want to play".

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