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cfonts - Sexy fonts for the console

  •    Javascript

This is a silly little command line tool for sexy fonts in the console. Give your cli some love.To install the CLI app, simply NPM install it globally.

chalkline - :lipstick: Draw a big chalkline in your terminal! Great for debugging and reading your log output locally!

  •    Javascript

Chalkline extends the chalk package, so you can log any color line to the console.Please see chalk's colors for a list of supported colors and background colors for your chalklines.

g20 - Fast and Easy 20 Character CLI Password Generator

  •    Javascript

g20 (Generate a 20 Character Password) is the fastest and easiest cross-platform CLI password generator on the planet. For years I have been using something similar to it but it only works on OS X. Feel free to submit an issue if you're stuck. No.

kuler - Color your terminal using CSS/hex color codes

  •    Javascript

Kuler is small and nifty node module that allows you to create terminal based colors using hex color codes, just like you're used to doing in your CSS. We're in a modern world now and terminals support more than 16 colors so we are stupid to not take advantage of this. Will work without any issues.

ansi-colors - Easily add ANSI colors to your text and symbols in the terminal.

  •    Javascript

Easily add ANSI colors to your text and symbols in the terminal. A faster drop-in replacement for chalk, kleur and turbocolor (without the dependencies and rendering bugs). Please consider following this project's author, Brian Woodward, and consider starring the project to show your ❤️ and support.

Crayon - 🖍 Expressive styling on terminal string. (chalk for swift)

  •    Swift

Crayon's API is very similar to chalk -- one of the most popular packages on npm, it's clean and focused. Inspired by the awesome javascript library chalk.

ascii-art - A Node.js library for ansi codes, figlet fonts, ascii art and other ASCII graphics

  •    Javascript

Images, fonts, tables, ansi styles and compositing in Node.js & the browser. 100% JS. In the beginning there was colors.js but in the fine tradition of vendors calling out a problem they have the solution to, chalk was introduced. In that same vein, I offer ascii-art as an update, expansion and generalization of MooAsciiArt and at the same time it can replace your existing ansi colors library.

ink-text-animation - A text animation component for Ink

  •    Javascript

Accepts a string or an Ink component as children. The name of the animation. You can find all the available animations in the chalk-animations README.

markdown-chalk - markdown parser with chalk pretty printing in the terminal

  •    Javascript

A markdown parser that uses chalk to print a markdown file nicely in the terminal.