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OpenChakra - Full-featured visual editor and code generator for React using Chakra UI

  •    Typescript

OpenChakra is a visual editor for the best component library for Chakra UI. It helps to quickly draft components with the simple drag and drop UI. Drag any component from the left hand panel into this editor. Then start interacting with them. You can drag a preset: it's a group of components (like Alert). Just drop a preset to easily setup a complex component!

jsvu - JavaScript (engine) Version Updater

  •    Javascript

jsvu is the JavaScript (engine) Version Updater. jsvu makes it easy to install recent versions of various JavaScript engines without having to compile them from source.

node-uwp - Enables Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API access for Node

  •    C++

Enables Universal Windows Platform (UWP) API access for Node.js (Chakra build) on Windows 10.

MsieJavaScriptEngine -

  •    CSharp

This project is a .NET wrapper for working with the JavaScript engines of Internet Explorer and Edge (JsRT versions of Chakra, ActiveScript version of Chakra and Classic JavaScript Engine). Project was based on the code of SassAndCoffee.JavaScript, Chakra Sample Hosts and jsrt-dotnet.This library can be installed through NuGet - http://nuget.org/packages/MsieJavaScriptEngine.

ChakraSharp - Mono/.NET bindings for ChakraCore

  •    CSharp

Note: ChakraSharpCastXml is an improvement over the approach offered here.

nodejs-in-brazil - A great list about Nodejs use in Brazil


The number of Nodejs applications has grown a lot around the world. In Brazil it is not different. We have many developers working with Nodejs in our country and many Brazilian companies using the platform to build large applications.

purity-ui-dashboard - Purity UI Dashboard - Free and Open Source Chakra UI Dashboard

  •    Javascript

Most trendiest, complex and innovative Dashboard Made by Creative Tim & Simmmple. Check our latest Free ReactJS Dashboard based on Chakra UI. Designed for those who like modern UI elements and beautiful websites. Made of hundred of elements, designed blocks and fully coded pages, Purity UI Dashboard is ready to help you create stunning websites and webapps.