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PinLayout - Fast Swift Views layouting without auto layout

  •    Swift

Extremely Fast views layouting without auto layout. No magic, pure code, full control and blazing fast. Concise syntax, intuitive, readable & chainable. PinLayout can layouts UIView, NSView and CALayer. 📌 PinLayout is actively updated. So please come often to see latest changes. You can also Star it to be able to retrieve it easily later.

chain - Chain provides you with a consistent and chainable way to work with arrays in PHP.

  •    PHP

Chain provides you with a consistent and chainable way to work with arrays in PHP. Made by Florian Eckerstorfer in Vienna, Europe.

jennifer.cr - Crystal ORM using ActiveRecord pattern with flexible query DSL

  •    Crystal

ActiveRecord pattern implementation for Crystal with a powerful query DSL, validation, relationship definition, translation and migration mechanism. Jennifer allows you to maintain everything for your models - from db migrations and field mapping to callbacks and building queries. For detailed information see the guide and API documentation.

rize - High-level, fluent and chainable API provided library for puppeteer.

  •    TypeScript

Rize is a high-level, fluent and chainable API provided library which let you use puppeteer simply. "Rize" is pronounced like /ɾize/, not /raɪzɪ/. "Rize" is one of characters in Is the Order a Rabbit?.

str-helper - ⚡️ A flexible & powerful string manipulation helper for PHP | using pipe method chaining

  •    PHP

⚡️ A flexible, simple & yet powerful string manipulation helper for PHP. It gives you the magic of method chaining and it's easier and shorter to be included in views. It Supports most of PHP built-in strings functions (and other useful methods like: contains, equal, append, prepend ...). This is a wrapper for PHP default string functions, to provide a very poweful method chaining and conditions. You don't have to learn new methods names, just use PHP functions names that you know.

go-chainable - Chain function calls in Golang, with support to argument's feedback and error-handling

  •    Go

Error handling can make the codebase messy. At the same time, chaining function calls can obfuscate errors and cascading calls can increase the cognitive complexity. Elixir, F# and other languages solve this problem with the support to pipes, but Golang hasn't such feature.

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