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ad - Making Active Directory jQuery-easy

  •    Javascript

Making Active Directory jQuery-easy.AD is a Javascript implementation of common Active Directory tasks, built to be simple as possible.

melchior.js - Chainable Module Definition (CMD) dependency loader for JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Tiny JavaScript in-browser module loader that implements Chainable Module Definition API.Melchior is the first library that fully implements the Draft proposed by John Wu and brings to life "the most javascripty" way to configure modules and its dependencies for in-browser use.

Nothing - A chainable, callable mock object which always returns itself

  •    Javascript

Nothing is a chainable, callable mock object which always returns itself. You can use it instead of null and undefined values so you don't have to place safety checks all over your code. The implementation uses Symbol and Proxy behind the hood which are widely supported by modern desktop and mobile browsers and can be used without a polyfill. A: Many functional programming languages either don't have or don't endorse the use of imperative constructs such as try/catch blocks because they introduce so-called side effects which actually make it harder to debug and reason about the code. And programs which are written in functional programming languages are considered to be less error-prone and easier to support.

async-chainable - An extension to Async adding better handling of mixed Series / Parallel tasks via object chaining

  •    Javascript

Flow control for NodeJS applications. This builds on the foundations of the Async library while adding better handling of mixed Series / Parallel tasks via object chaining.

search_flip - Full-Featured ElasticSearch Ruby Client with a Chainable DSL

  •    Ruby

Using SearchFlip it is dead-simple to create index classes that correspond to ElasticSearch indices and to manipulate, query and aggregate these indices using a chainable, concise, yet powerful DSL. Finally, SearchFlip supports ElasticSearch 1.x, 2.x, 5.x, 6.x. Check section Feature Support for version dependent features. There are great ruby gems to work with Elasticsearch like e.g. searchkick and elasticsearch-ruby already. However, they don't have a chainable API. Compare yourself.

rize - High-level, fluent and chainable API provided library for puppeteer.

  •    TypeScript

Rize is a high-level, fluent and chainable API provided library which let you use puppeteer simply. "Rize" is pronounced like /ɾize/, not /raɪzɪ/. "Rize" is one of characters in Is the Order a Rabbit?.

jest-chain - Chain Jest matchers together to create one powerful assertion 🃏⛓

  •    Javascript

Often in Jest when you are writing tests you may want to perform multiple assertions on the same variable. Currently to achieve this you have to write an individual expect for each assertion.

chainit - Turn an asynchronous JavaScript api into an asynchronous chainable JavaScript api

  •    Javascript

Turn an asynchronous JavaScript api into an asynchronous chainable JavaScript api. Adding and overriding methods works at both prototype level and instance level.

connext-js - A middleware and route handling solution for Next.js.

  •    Javascript

Initialize a new instance of Connext. Connext is a middleware solution for Next.js with Express-style syntax that supports both global and flexible route-specific middleware. For global middleware, you must create a controllers folder that must contain a global.js controller file. We recommend also creating controller files for your other middleware as a way to modularize your API logic.

go-chainable - Chain function calls in Golang, with support to argument's feedback and error-handling

  •    Go

Error handling can make the codebase messy. At the same time, chaining function calls can obfuscate errors and cascading calls can increase the cognitive complexity. Elixir, F# and other languages solve this problem with the support to pipes, but Golang hasn't such feature.

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