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webview - Tiny cross-platform webview library for C/C++/Golang

  •    C

A tiny cross-platform webview library for C/C++/Golang to build modern cross-platform GUI. Also, there are Rust bindings and Nim bindings available. It supports two-way JavaScript bindings (to call JavaScript from C/C++/Go and to call C/C++/Go from JavaScript).

lilliput - Resize images and animated GIFs in Go

  •    C++

lilliput resizes images in Go. Lilliput relies on mature, high-performance C libraries to do most of the work of decompressing, resizing and compressing images. It aims to do as little memory allocation as possible and especially not to create garbage in Go. As a result, it is suitable for very high throughput image resizing services.

advanced-go-programming-book - :books: 《Go语言高级编程》开源图书,涵盖CGO、Go汇编语言、RPC实现、Protobuf插件实现、Web框架实现、分布式系统等高阶主题

  •    Go

:books: 《Go语言高级编程》开源图书,涵盖CGO、Go汇编语言、RPC实现、Protobuf插件实现、Web框架实现、分布式系统等高阶主题

go-hardware - A directory of hardware related libs, tools, and tutorials for Go

  •    Go

This repo is a directory of tools, packages and tutorials to let you introduce Go in your hardware projects.Go can target platforms and architectures that are primarily in the scope of non-real time embedded operating systems.

go-advanced - A small Vietnamese Go book compiled by ZaloPay teams.


Ngôn ngữ Golang không còn quá xa lạ trong giới lập trình nữa. Đây là một ngôn ngữ dễ học, các bạn có thể tự học Golang cơ bản ở trang Go by Example. Đa phần các tài liệu về Golang từ cơ bản hay đến nâng cao đều do các nhà lập trình viên nước ngoài biên soạn. Bộ tài liệu Advanced Go Programming được chúng tôi biên soạn hoàn toàn bằng Tiếng Việt sẽ trình bày về những chủ đề nâng cao trong Golang như CGO, RPC framework, Web framework, Distributed systems,... và kèm theo các ví dụ minh họa cụ thể theo từng chủ đề. Chúng tôi rất mong bộ tài liệu này sẽ giúp các bạn lập trình viên có thêm nhiều kiến thức mới và nâng cao kỹ năng lập trình Golang cho bản thân. Tất cả các bạn có đam mê lập trình Golang và đã nắm được cơ bản về lập trình Golang. Ngoài ra, trong bộ tài liệu này chúng tôi cũng có nhắc lại vài điểm cơ bản trong lập trình Golang.

rules_go - Go rules for Bazel

  •    Go

The master branch is only guaranteed to work with the latest version of Bazel.Create a file at the top of your repository named WORKSPACE and add one of the snippets below, verbatim. This will let Bazel fetch necessary dependencies from this repository and a few others.

go-yara - Go bindings for YARA

  •    Go

Go bindings for YARA, staying as close as sensible to the library's C-API while taking inspiration from the yara-python implementation.indicate that the linker is probably looking at an old version of libyara.

lmdb-go - Bindings for the LMDB C library

  •    C

Go bindings to the OpenLDAP Lightning Memory-Mapped Database (LMDB). Functionality is logically divided into several packages. Applications will usually need to import lmdb but may import other packages on an as needed basis.

go-mxnet-predictor - go binding for mxnet c_predict_api to do inference with pre-trained model

  •    Go

To run this example, you need to download model files, mean.bin and input image. Then put them in correct path. These files are shared in dropbox and baidu storage service.

go-ghostscript - Idiomatic Go bindings for Ghostscript Interpreter C API.

  •    Go

Simple, and idiomatic Go bindings for Ghostscript Interpreter C API. Idiomatic is italicised because no true Go code should include cgo. Ironic, I know.

go-interlang - Examples of calls between Go and C/C++ (and how to call a Go shared object from Node/Ruby/Python/Java)

  •    Go

Examples of calls between Go and C/C++ and calling Go from dynamic languages. The examples are designed to work on Mac and Linux. If you're using Windows, feel free to reach out to me to request updates for examples that don't work correctly.

mq-golang - Calling IBM MQ from Go applications

  •    Go

This repository demonstrates how you can call IBM MQ from applications written in the Go language. NOTICE: Please ensure that you use a dependency management tool such as dep or Glide, and add a specific version dependency.

cgofuse - Cross-platform FUSE library for Go - Works on macOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, Windows

  •    Go

Cgofuse is a cross-platform FUSE library for Go. It is supported on multiple platforms and can be ported to any platform that has a FUSE implementation. It has cgo and !cgo ("nocgo") variants depending on the platform. You can easily cross-compile your project using xgo and the billziss/xgo-cgofuse docker image.

go-imagequant - Go bindings for libimagequant

  •    Go

This is Go bindings for libimagequant. Libimagequant is the backend of pngquant app. It provides a high level of png image compression.

coap-go - Lobaro CoAP for GoLang - server and client applications

  •    C

Currently only RS232 is supported. Transports for other Protocols like TCP/IP and UDP are planned. The package is strctured similiar to the http package and tries to follow go idematic coding styles.

gonvml - NVIDIA Management Library (NVML) bindings for Go

  •    C++

NVML or NVIDIA Management Library is a C-based API that can be used for monitoring NVIDIA GPU devices. It's closed source but can be downloaded as part of the GPU Deployment Kit. The NVML API Reference describe various methods that are available as part of NVML.

pf - PF (Packet Filter)

  •    Go

The FreeBSD operating system has multiple packet filter build-in. One of the packet filters was ported from OpenBSD and is called pf (packetfilter). Packet filtering restricts the types of packets that pass through network interfaces entering or leaving the host based on filter rules as described in. The packet filter can also replace addresses and ports of packets. Replacing source addresses and ports of outgoing packets is called NAT (Network Address Translation) and is used to connect an internal network (usually reserved address space) to an external one (the Internet) by making all connections to external hosts appear to come from the gateway. Replacing destination addresses and ports of incoming packets is used to redirect connections to different hosts and/or ports. A combination of both translations, bidirectional NAT, is also supported.

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