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Voodoo Shader Framework


Voodoo Shader is a comprehensive graphics framework for powering shaders in multiple programs, during development or after release. Voodoo uses plugins and a shared core to support many games and other applications and is compatible with Direct3D and OpenGL.

FaceLight - Simple Silverlight Face Detection

  •    Silverlight

FaceLight is a simple facial recognition method that can be used with Silverlight 's webcam. It searches for a certain sized skin color region in a snapshot to find the face.

Light2D - 2D shader-based lighting system for Unity3D

  •    CSharp

2D lighting system that performs computations on the GPU. This allows to get better lighting quality and use more lights, compared to some other 2D lighting systems. Light is computed on small textures, 160x88 px size is used in this images. Quality of lighting is mostly depending on that resolution. When you increase it lighting will became more precise and will affect smaller light obstacles, but it will make computations more expensive.

ios-scenekit-shadertoy - 🎮 Easily add, changed and combine Vertex and Fragment shaders for SceneKit objects

  •    Swift

Last Update: 23/September/2018. The app is constantly evolving by improving UI, adding new shaders and capabilities.

ios-spritekit-shader-sandbox - 👾 Collection of custom effects for SpriteKit implemented using GLSL/Metal shaders

  •    Swift

Last Update: 21/September/2018. An iOS project demonstrating how to use GLSL and Metal Shaders with SpriteKit framework 👾. The purpose of the app is to serve as a sandbox that allows to quicly prototype and experiment with fragment shaders. Currently there are 12 custom fragment shaders. More shaders will be added on a regular basis.

appleseed-maya - appleseed plugin for Autodesk® Maya®

  •    C++

appleseed-maya is an appleseed plugin for Autodesk® Maya® 2018 (Windows only), 2019 and 2020. appleseed and its accompanying software is released under the MIT license.

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