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wp-cas-server - Cassava is a Central Authentication Service provider as a WordPress plugin.

  •    PHP

This plugin allows WordPress to act as a single sign-on authenticator using versions 1.0 and 2.0 of the Central Authentication Service protocol. That way, users on your WordPress install may be able to access different applications that support the CAS protocol by providing a single set of credentials and without exposing the user's password.

node-cas - Central Authentication Service (CAS) client for Node.js

  •    Javascript

This module handles CAS authentication (with support for proxies and extended attributes), and can also transparently redirect a web page if needed. The ticket validation step is available as its own function for those who wish to handle things manually. Single sign out is also supported with Express/Connect. To start the login process manually, send your users to: https://cas_base_url/login?service=url_to_handle_ticket_validation. In the University of Waterloo example below, this url would be: https://cas.uwaterloo.ca/cas/login?service='my_service'.

cas-client-autoconfig-support - Annotation-based configuration support for Apereo CAS Java clients

  •    Java

Library providing annotation-based configuration support for CAS Java clients. Primarily designed for super easy CASification of Spring Boot apps. This project was developed as part of Unicon's Open Source Support program. Professional Support / Integration Assistance for this module is available. For more information visit.

cas_validate - a CAS client that provides single sign on, listens for single sign off, for use with node

  •    Javascript

This is a utility to facilitate validating a web service based on Connect or Express (and perhaps other frameworks or nothing at all) with a CAS server(https://www.apereo.org/cas. It allows single sign on and single sign out. In other words, if a client has previously logged in to the CAS server, this library will allow your service to transparently detect that fact, and if the user subsequently logs off from the CAS server, this library can handle the subsequent POST message from the CAS server and log the user out of your service as well. The need to support single sign out was the original reason I wrote this library. Since then I modularized it so that I could apply different strategies to different services in my Connect and Express applications. The original development was conducted when Connect still had routing capabilities, but all but one feature still works with the latest Connect, and all features work with Express.