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flexibility - A JavaScript polyfill for Flexbox

  •    Javascript

Flexibility is a polyfill for the Flexible Box Layout, commonly known as Flexbox. With Flexibility, you get to design beautiful, flexible layouts on the web without sacrificing the experience in older browsers. Flexbox lays out, aligns, and distributes elements in a container, even when their size is unknown or dynamic. To better understand Flexbox, read Chris Coyier’s excellent Complete Guide to Flexbox.

Image - A PHP library to handle images

  •    PHP

The Gregwar\Image class purpose is to provide a simple object-oriented images handling and caching API.

jVerticalAlignMiddle - jQuery plug-in to vertically align elements

  •    JQuery

A simple jQuery plug-in that vertically centers one element within its parent container.

jquery.center - A jQuery plugin that centralizes DOM element

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin that centralizes DOM element. This simple plugin helps you centralize your DOM element against their parent element or the window. You can also specify the top of the DOM element by passing customized settings. This plugin only works for absolute elements.

right-align - Right-align the text in a string.

  •    Javascript

Right-align the text in a string. Copyright © 2015 Jon Schlinkert Released under the MIT license.

align-text - Align the text in a string.

  •    Javascript

Align the text in a string. Follow this project's author, Jon Schlinkert, for updates on this project and others.

center-align - Center-align the text in a string.

  •    Javascript

Center-align the text in a string. If expected width is not provided, the length of the longest line will be used.

center-code - Shows the file's source centered in the terminal

  •    Javascript

The file's contents will be centered in the terminal, which is great for demos and live coding. JavaScript .js, JSON .json and Markdown files .md will be syntax highlighted. The input read from STDIN is not syntax highlighted.

globals-docs - Documentation URIs for JavaScript globals.

  •    Javascript

Documentation URIs for JavaScript globals. Docs: an object of documentation as a plain-old-javascript object.

angular-image-cropper - AngularJS directive for cropping images.

  •    Javascript

To see a live example, go to the demo's page. Angular image cropper is inspired of the popular Guillotine jQuery plugin that allows to drag, zoom or rotate an image to select a cropping area. Like selecting the display area of a profile picture or avatar.

support_center - Support center made with Laravel

  •    PHP

Support Center is licensed under the Mozilla Public License. Check the License File for more information.

EZAnchor - An easier and faster way to code Autolayout

  •    Swift

Directly drag EZAnchor and drop into your Xcode project. Run carthage update to build the framework and drag the built EZAnchor.framework into your Xcode project.

LenovoController - 🎮 A lightweight alternative to Lenovo Vantage

  •    CSharp

While this program is made with best efforts to be safe, stable, and support all Lenovo laptops, I cannot guarantee that it won't break something on your device. Use it at your own risk.

chat-examples-javascript - Sample code and apps for PubNub’s Chat Resource Center

  •    Javascript

This repository contains sample code from the Chat Resource Center. If you don't already have an account, you can create one for free here.

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