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censorbib - The Internet censorship bibliography.

  •    TeX

This repository contains the BibTeX file and HTML templates that are used to create the Internet censorship bibliography.You first need bibliogra.py to turn the BibTeX file into an HTML bibliography.

ProjectX - DarkWeb pages overview


ProjectX file original created under the MIT license 2015 - 2018 by CHEF-KOCH. DarkWeb pages overview (yet another one) is designed to show Deep Web specific pages, software and other related information.

alexa-uncensor - bypass Alexa censorship

  •    Javascript

alexa-uncensor generates the corresponding SSML fragments for those censored words that Alexa bleeps out. Adults only. Only a minimal dictionary(press-sample.js) is provided. Copy this file to press.js and add your words.

blocked - Blocked by ISPs in India

  •    Python

Crowdsourced list of all the websites blocked by ISPs in India. Master list of all the sites blocked in India. With the source and other details. Created out of the lists. MASTER_LIST.csv .