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virtual-grid - A viewport into a virtual grid of text cells

  •    Javascript

A viewport into a virtual grid of text cells.Renderes cells in a grid. Each cell contains text that is wrapped and truncated to fit inside the cell. Full support for ANSI colors. Useful as a layout manager for terminal apps.

obj2sc - Basic command line tool that converts an OBJ file into a simplicial complex

  •    Javascript

Command line tool to convert OBJ format meshes to JSON formatted simplicial complexes

react-table-drag-select - React component for drag selecting table cells

  •    Javascript

This code was used to make the gif you see above. See the demo for advanced usage.

trailblazer-cells - Trailblazer's file structure for Cells.

  •    Ruby

Trailblazer's file layout for Cells. In Trailblazer, class structures such as the following are very common, let's say for a post concept, here are the class headers, and where the view directory gets resolved to.

react-native-grid-component - :black_square_button: React native grid component

  •    Javascript

Easy to use grid component for your react-native project. Supports iOS and Android. Based on react-native framework by Facebook.