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ferret - Declarative web scraping

  •    Go

ferret is a web scraping system aiming to simplify data extraction from the web for such things like UI testing, machine learning and analytics. Having its own declarative language, ferret abstracts away technical details and complexity of the underlying technologies, helping to focus on the data itself. It's extremely portable, extensible and fast. The following example demonstrates the use of dynamic pages. First of all, we load the main Google Search page, type search criteria into an input box and then click a search button. The click action triggers a redirect, so we wait till its end. Once the page gets loaded, we iterate over all elements in search results and assign the output to a variable. The final for loop filters out empty elements that might be because of inaccurate use of selectors.

lldpd - implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)

  •    C

LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is an industry standard protocol designed to supplant proprietary Link-Layer protocols such as Extreme's EDP (Extreme Discovery Protocol) and CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol). The goal of LLDP is to provide an inter-vendor compatible mechanism to deliver Link-Layer notifications to adjacent network devices. lldpd implements both reception and sending. It also implements an SNMP subagent for net-snmp to get local and remote LLDP information. The LLDP-MIB is partially implemented but the most useful tables are here. lldpd also partially implements LLDP-MED.

cdp-js - Libraries/SDK modules for multi-platform application development

  •    TypeScript

This monorepo contains cdp sdk modules.Folder and file structure of this repository is the following list.


  •    Javascript

The libraries provides easier way to implement connection between JavaScript and Native code than the cordova original framework.cordova-plugin-cdp-nativebridge: cordova plugin module which achieves generic Native Bridge function.

foxdriver - Foxdriver is a Node library which provides a high-level API to control Firefox over the Remote Debugging Protocol

  •    Javascript

Foxdriver is a Node library which provides a high-level API to control Firefox over the Remote Debugging Protocol. The Firefox Remote Debugging Protocol consists of multiple actors that provide different methods. The Foxdriver API allows you to launch a Firefox instance and connects to the protocol interface automatically. From there you can access the methods of all actors.

node-websteps - End-to-end web testing on top of Chrome Debugging Protocol

  •    Javascript

Pure JavaScript except for Chrome itself. No Java-based Selenium or platform-specific binary chromedriver required. API described by the test.


  •    Javascript

Dai.js is a JavaScript library that makes it easy to build applications on top of MakerDAO's Dai Stablecoin System. You can use Maker's contracts to open Collateralized Debt Positions, withdraw loans in Dai, trade tokens on OasisDEX, and more. The library features a pluggable, service-based architecture, which allows users maximal control when integrating the Maker functionality into existing infrastructures. It also includes convenient configuration presets for out-of-the-box usability, a powerful smart contract state inspector, and support for both front-end and back-end applications.

cdp - Package cdp provides type-safe bindings for the Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP), written in the Go programming language

  •    Go

Package cdp provides type-safe bindings for the Chrome Debugging Protocol (CDP), written in the Go programming language. The bindings are generated (by cdpgen) from the latest tip-of-tree (tot) protocol definitions and are mainly intended for use with Google Chrome or Chromium, however, they can be used with any debug target (Node.js, Edge, Safari, etc.) that implement the protocol. This package can be used for any kind of browser automation, scripting or debugging via the Chrome Debugging Protocol.

cdp-cli - Command line tools for generating start point of multi-platform application development (Details: see cdp-js repository)

  •    HTML

cdp command line interface for creating project's boilerplate. Folder and file structure of this repository is the following list.

cdp-lib - Application template/libraries for cdp-js (Details: see cdp-js repository)

  •    Javascript

Contains npm modules used primarily by cdp boilerplate generator. Folder and file structure of this repository is the following list.

dataflowkit - Extract structured data from web sites. Web sites scraping.

  •    Go

Dataflow kit ("DFK") is a Web Scraping framework for Gophers. It extracts data from web pages, following the specified CSS Selectors. You can use it in many ways for data mining, data processing or archiving.

cri - Type safe go bindings to interact with chrome remote interface.

  •    Go

Package cri provides type-safe bindings for devtools protocol. It can be used with Chrome or any other target that implements the interface. Protocol is generated by cmd/generate.sh. Script fetches latest version of protocol and generates types and domain (accessibility, domdebugger, performance etc.) packages. Master branch reflects tip of tree.