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A re-usable framework and Toolsets to integrate MSbuild,MSTest,Nunit,SVN,VSS,VSTS,NCover,VstsCodeCoverage,Ndepend,Fxcop,StyleCop,CAT.net,IIS deployment tasks,DB tasks from a cool WebInterface.

CCNet Conditional Plugin

CCNet Conditional Plugin allows CCNet to perform tasks based on a set of different conditions like Build condition, status, file existence ect.


UpdateVersion is a command-line utility that can update .NET AssemblyInfo files in any language. Typically, UpdateVersion is used in conjunction with Nant build scripts to autogenerate new version numbers; however, it can be executed from anywhere to get or set updated version...

Cruise Control .NET Pre-Tested Commit Extension

In this project i am going to extend cruise control with pre-tested commit feature. This extension protects the code base from incorrect code. All code modification are submitted into version control ONLY if all defined requirements are met.

CCNet Jabber plugin

ccnet plugin for creating jabber publisher task. This will help in publishing the ccnet's build integration results to the concerned developers via jabber. It's developed in C#.Net 3.5 as this is the current version supported by ccnet 1.6


CCzoomr is a complete replacement for the existing CCNet web dashboard that uses the Microsoft MVC Framework.

CC.NET Community PlugIns

Designed to be a repository for many different plugins for CruiseControl.NET. Hope to have many users contributing plugins to the repository.

TFS TeamBuild Task for CruiseControl.NET

A plug-in for CruiseControl.NET (CCNet) that provides support for Team Foundation Server Team Build, thus providing a continuous integration solution for TFS in the familiar surroundings of CCNet.


Monitors the database to change between two times. If any changes are found, they are read and returned.

Tam Tam

Project that contains most of the opensource stuff developers from Tam Tam will share. SharePoint 2007 Webparts and Solutions and other components for the ASP.Net 2.0 platform.


CCNetConfig is a GUI tool to create and maintain the ccnet configuration file for CruiseControl.NET. CCNetConfig allows you to create CruiseControl.NET configuration file by adding a new project and setting properties. CCNetConfig supports all standard configuration blocks and ca