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Core Configuration Console


Core Configuration Console (R2) will help you configure your installation of Windows Server Core 2008, Windows Server Core 2008 R2 and Hyper-V Server 2008 / R2. It's a batch-file and requires no installation and leaves no footprints on your server installation.



SPThemes is a theming solution for SharePoint, providing supportable custom themes, personal themes, and site collection scoped themes.

node-hackrf - :radio: Control a HackRF device (e.g. Jawbreaker, HackRF One, or Rad1o) from Node.js

  •    C

This is a low-level binding to libhackrf. If you'd like a nice stream interface, try hackrf-stream.Returns an array containing information about the connected HackRF devices. If no devices are connected, an empty array will be returned.

chaosflix - AndroidTV/Fire TV client for media.ccc.de

  •    Java

This Repo remains for continuity reasons, further development is happening in chaosflix-common, chaosflix-leanback and chaosflix-touch.

RandomFtpGrabber - Random FTP grabber - downloads all the interesting stuff

  •    Python

Situation: You have various file servers with interesting stuff, too much which you can possibly download, and most of the stuff you never heard about so you cannot tell how much it is of interest, but you still want to download a good set of files. A totally random sampling might already be a good enough representation, but we might be able to improve slightly.

codechain-faucet - CodeChain faucet site

  •    Javascript

This site gives CCC to a user from a specific CodeChain account. This site request the user to authenticate using twitter. To run this site, you need CodeChain platform address with sufficient CCC. Set faucetCodeChainAddress to your CodeChain platform address, and then set faucetCodeChainPasspharase to the passphrase you used when creating the faucetCodeChainAddress.

codechain-helicopter - An airdrop tool for CodeChain

  •    TypeScript

codechain-helicopter is a tool for airdropping CCC(CodeChain Coin) at the specified interval. Open config/default.json file and fill payer.payer, payer.passphrase and rpc_url fields.

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