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NyaoVim - Web-enhanced Extensible Neovim Frontend

  •    TypeScript

This is a Neovim frontend built on Electron. The Neovim editor is composed as a Web Component and users can extend the UI with reusable Web Components, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Use Vim as a component from a shell or in an IDE.

Deep-learning-with-cats - Deep learning with cats (^._.^)

  •    Python

Discussion of the results at https://ajolicoeur.wordpress.com/cats.

CatPapers - Cool vision, learning, and graphics papers on Cats!

  •    HTML

As reported by Cisco, 90% of net traffic will be visual, and indeed, most of the visual data are cat photos and videos. Thus, understanding, modeling and synthesizing our feline friends becomes a more and more important research problem these days, especially for our cat lovers. Cat Paper Collection is an academic paper collection that includes computer graphics, computer vision, machine learning and human-computer interaction papers that produce experimental results related to cats. If you want to add/remove a paper, please send an email to Jun-Yan Zhu (junyanz at berkeley dot edu).

fattest-cat - Script to find fattest cat currently up for adoption at SF SPCA

  •    Javascript

Some cats are born fat, some achieve fatness, others have fatness thrust upon them. You can find all of them at the San Francisco SPCA using this tool.

node-bcat - A pipe to browser utility

  •    Javascript

node-bcat features auto scrolling (with enable/disable), ansi to html coloring (--ansi) and behavior and color customization.This module uses RC to manage its configuration, so in addition to command line arguments you may save your favorite configuration in .bcatrc.

aircat - AirPlay cat tool

  •    Javascript

Transfer photos from your iDevice to your computer in the terminal.The picture should now be written to my-photo.jpg. Aircat will exit when finished.

tweetcat - p2p pipe across the internet using Twitter as a transport stream

  •    Javascript

p2p pipe across the internet using Twitter as a transport stream.Before you can use tweetcat you need to create an app on Twitter. Follow the steps below to get started (you need to have a phone number associated with your Twitter account).

scat - Pipe your javascripts straight into your browser

  •    Javascript

Pipe your javascripts straight into your browser.Inspired by bcat, except instead of piping HTML or text into scat you just pipe JavaScript – which will get wrapped up with an index.html and boot up the page for you.

catw - concatenate file globs, watching for changes

  •    Javascript

because the glob expansions of directories are sorted before concatenating.There is a command-line catw command that ships with this package.

catchart - cat something from command line to a chart in the browser

  •    Javascript

cat something from command line to a browser chart

cat-pad - 🐈 Left pad a string with cats

  •    Javascript

Pads input with cats on the left side if it's shorter than length. Padding cats are truncated if they exceed length.String to pad.

pipette - Stream and pipe utilities for Node

  •    Javascript

This Node module provides several utility classes that offer pipe and stream-related functionality. It particularly emphasizes providing a consistent event packaging and ordering for streams.All of the classes in this module provide a consistently ordered sequence of events, which is meant to be a sensible synthesis of the (somewhat inconsistent) Node specification for the various core stream classes.

combine-source-map - Add source maps of multiple files, offset them and then combine them into one source map

  •    Javascript

Add source maps of multiple files, offset them and then combine them into one source map. Read and run the more elaborate example in order to get a better idea how things work.

cat-avatar-generator-app - An Android app to generate cute cat avatars

  •    Java

An Android app based on the awesome Cat avatar generator by David Revoy. You can download the app from F-Droid or from Google Play.

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