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superstruct - A simple and composable way to validate data in Javascript.

  •    Javascript

A simple and composable way to validate data in JavaScript. Superstruct makes it easy to define interfaces and then validate JavaScript data against them. Its type annotation API was inspired by Typescript, Flow, Go, and GraphQL, giving it a familiar and easy to understand API.

gnomecast - Chromecast local files from Linux - supports MKV, subtitles and 4K!

  •    Python

If installing in a mkvirtualenv built virtual environment, make sure you include the --system-site-packages parameter to get the GTK bindings.

pychromecast - Library for Python 3 to communicate with the Google Chromecast.

  •    Python

Check out Home Assistant for a ready-made solution using PyChromecast for controlling and automating your Chromecast or Cast-enabled device like Google Home. Each app that runs on the Chromecast supports namespaces. They specify a JSON-based mini-protocol. This is used to communicate between the Chromecast and your phone/browser and now Python.

castnow - commandline chromecast player

  •    Javascript

Castnow is a command-line utility that can be used to play back media files on your Chromecast device. It supports playback of local video files, videos on the web and torrents. You can also re-attach a running playback session (this sentence should belong somewhere else). I currently don't have that much time to maintain this project and have also lost some interest (to be honest). Main reason is that we have had a new TV for a few months that supports casting directly to it using DLNA (you may wanna checkout dlnacast). Feel free to contact me ( simon@sope.io ) if you want to be added as a maintainer to castnow.

imdbpy - IMDbPY is a Python package useful to retrieve and manage the data of the IMDb movie database about movies, people, characters and companies

  •    Python

IMDbPY is a Python package for retrieving and managing the data of the IMDb movie database about movies, people, characters, and companies. The Python 2 version is available in the imdbpy-legacy branch (mostly unsupported).

IIS 6 SQL Injection Sanitation ISAPI Wildcard

  •    C++

This ISAPI wildcard, which works as a ISAPI filter, sanitizes SQL Injection attacks directly from GET and POST variables.


  •    DotNet

CASTCOM for CAST Comunication and Organisation Management The purpose of this website is to manage and plan anything relative to the organisation of Airsoft game in the Association CAST It will be redistribuable for any team of Airsoft by customizable interface. Here's the g...

ray-plane-intersection - whether a picking ray intersects with a plane

  •    Javascript

Whether a 3D picking ray intersects with a plane. The plane is defined as having a normal [x, y, z] and distance.PRs welcome.

node-autocast - Easily and automatically cast common datatypes in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

Easily and automatically cast common datatypes in JavaScript

record-a-cast - Select and record a portion of your desktop

  •    Javascript

record-a-cast was created out of frustration for either poor UI, poor compatibility with Linux, or both. It's based on well-tested technologies (e.g. Electron, FFmpeg) so it should work well on most environments. Support this project and others by twolfson via PayPal.

chromecastjs - JavaScript project based on ChromeCast API to build ChromeCast apps very easy

  •    Javascript

JavaScript project based on ChromeCast API to build ChromeCast apps very easy

melt.js - Javascript library inspired by the R reshape package

  •    Javascript

Javascript library inspired by the R reshape package by Hadley Wickham.

pulpo - Configuration mechanism for Node

  •    TypeScript

Define, hydrate, and validate configurations in Node. A schema is comprised of keyed properties that are used to parse and validate configurations pulled from JSON objects, environmental variables, and command line arguments.

typeablejs - A library for checking and casting types.

  •    Javascript

A library for checking and casting types. This is a light weight open source package for use on server or in browser (using module bundler). The source code is available on GitHub where you can also find our issue tracker.

vue-rawmodel - RawModel.js plugin for Vue.js v2. Form validation has never been easier!

  •    TypeScript

This plugin integrates RawModel.js framework into your Vue.js application. RawModel.js is a simple framework which provides a strongly-typed JavaScript object with support for validation and error handling. It has a rich API which significantly simplifies server-side and client-side data validation and manipulation. Because it's an unopinionated framework it flawlessly integrates with popular modules like vuex, apollo-client and other related libraries.

cast.rs - Machine scalar casting that meets your expectations

  •    Rust

at your option. Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.

SassyCast - [UNMAINTAINED] Type conversion functions for Sass.

  •    CSS

SassyCast is a simple API for type conversion in Sass. Read API documentation. Note that color formats are sometimes converted automatically by Sass depending on the type of syntaxe used (compressed, expanded, etc.). When casting a color to string, the resulting string can be different from the color input.

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