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cash - Cross-platform Linux commands in ES6

  •    Javascript

Cash is a cross-platform implementation of Unix shell commands written in straight ES6. No native compiling and no external dependencies.While young, Cash aims to offer an alternative Linux feel on Windows and to open the door to cross-platform bash scripting in a Javascript environment.

cash - An absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers

  •    Javascript

Cash is an absurdly small jQuery alternative for modern browsers (IE10+) that provides jQuery-style syntax for manipulating the DOM. Utilizing modern browser features to minimize the codebase, developers can use the familiar chainable methods at a fraction of the file size. 100% feature parity with jQuery isn't a goal, but cash comes helpfully close, covering most day to day use cases. An 85% gain in size reduction. If you need a smaller bundle, we support partial builds too.

Shiny - Iridescent Effect View (inspired by Apple Pay Cash) ✨

  •    Swift

Shiny is an iOS library that generates an iridescent effect view matched to the gyroscope, similar to the Apple Pay Cash card in the Wallet app. You must call startUpdates() for the instance to observe motion changes. Calling stopUpdates() on the instance will stop motion updates.

nodebb-plugin-cash - NodeBB Cash MOD

  •    Javascript

This plugin creates a virtual currency system for your NodeBB forum. Users can then earn cash based on the quality of their posts (ie. bigger posts earn more points). The amount earned per character can be defined in the Cash ACP, as well as the name of the currency itself.

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