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Caret.js - Get caret postion and offset from text field

  •    Javascript

This is the core function that working in At.js. Now, It just become an simple jquery plugin so that everybody can use it. And, of course, At.js is using this plugin too.

rangy - A cross-browser JavaScript range and selection library.

  •    Javascript

A cross-browser JavaScript range and selection library. The current version is version 1.3.0.

textarea-caret-position - xy coordinates of a textarea or input's caret

  •    HTML

Get the top and left coordinates of the caret in a <textarea> or <input type="text">, in pixels. Useful for textarea autocompletes like GitHub or Twitter, or for single-line autocompletes like the name drop-down in Twitter or Facebook's search or the company dropdown on Google Finance. How it's done: a faux <div> is created off-screen and styled exactly like the textarea or input. Then, the text of the element up to the caret is copied into the div and a <span> is inserted right after it. Then, the text content of the span is set to the remainder of the text in the <textarea>, in order to faithfully reproduce the wrapping in the faux div (because wrapping can push the currently typed word onto the next line). The same is done for the input to simplify the code, though it makes no difference. Finally, the span's offset within the textarea or input is returned.

lime - Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations (R port of original Python package)

  •    R

one observation at a time. This is an R port of the Python lime package (https://github.com/marcotcr/lime) developed by the authors of the lime (Local Interpretable Model-agnostic Explanations) approach for black-box model explanations. All credits for the invention of the approach goes to the original developers.

semver - Work with Semantic Versions in Go

  •    Go

If there is an error the version wasn't parseable. The version object has methods to get the parts of the version, compare it to other versions, convert the version back into a string, and get the original string. For more details please see the documentation.Checking a version against version constraints is one of the most featureful parts of the package.

insertAtCaret - A jQuery plugin which inserts text to a text input or a textarea field.

  •    Javascript

A jQuery plugin which inserts text to a text input or a textarea field at the caret's position.

dom-selection - A lightweight (1kb), cross-browser library for DOM selections and ranges. IE9+

  •    Javascript

The parameter [sel] indicates that an existing Selection object may be provided. By default, the current, active Selection will be used if available. Restore a Range to a Selection.

ng-caret-aware - AngularJS directive for caret aware elements

  •    Javascript

AngularJS directive for caret aware elements. Put it on your HTML elements (inputs or textareas, for now) and it will track the caret (i.e. cursor) exporting its position in a variable (named after the value assigned to the directive attribute) appended to the parent scope.

vscode-smoothtype - VS Code extension to add cursor transitions while typing, similar to MS Office and the Windows 10 Mail app

  •    Javascript

For all intents and purposes, this project is deprecated and archived. There will be no further development, and support is not guaranteed. Please use the new editor.cursorSmoothCaretAnimation option in your user settings; the primary and only feature of this extension has been cored. The only thing that VSC cannot do is change the animation duration, this extension can.

PinCodeInputView - A input text view for entering pin code.

  •    Swift

A text input view for entering pin code. SurfaceView is used to detect a user gesture. ItemView is Appearance. You can customize ItemView.

input-format - Formatting user's text input on-the-fly

  •    Javascript

On March 9th, 2020, GitHub, Inc. silently banned my account (and all my libraries) without any notice for an unknown reason. I opened a support ticked but they didn't answer. Because of that, I had to move all my libraries to GitLab. Define parse() and format() functions. For example, for parsing a phone number.

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