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carbon - Carbon is one of the components of Graphite, and is responsible for receiving metrics over the network and writing them down to disk using a storage backend

  •    Python

Carbon is responsible for receiving metrics over the network, caching them in memory for "hot queries" from the Graphite-Web application, and persisting them to disk using the Whisper time-series library.Please refer to the instructions at readthedocs.

carbon-now-cli - 🎨 Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal.

  •    Javascript

🎨 Beautiful images of your code — from right inside your terminal. carbon.now.sh by @dawn_labs is a wonderful tool that lets you generate beautiful images of your source code through an intuitive UI, while letting you customize aspects like fonts, themes, window controls and much more.

carbon - 🎨 Create and share beautiful images of your source code

  •    Javascript

You know all of those code screenshots you see on Twitter? Though the code's usually impressive, we saw room for improvement in the aesthetic department. Carbon makes it easy to create and share beautiful images of your source code. So what are you waiting for? Go impress all of your followers with your newfound design prowess. Visit carbon.now.sh or read our post to learn more about the project.

date - 🗓 A library to help you work with dates in multiple languages, based on Carbon.

  •    PHP

This date library extends Carbon with multi-language support. Methods such as format, diffForHumans, parse, createFromFormat and the new timespan, will now be translated based on your locale.

carbon-components - The component library behind Carbon Design System

  •    Javascript

The Carbon Design System is a series of individual styles and components, that when combined make beautiful, intuitive designs. These designs are systemic and logical, as they all follow the same universal principles. The component library gives developers a collection of re-usable HTML and SCSS partials for building their products.

go-carbon - Golang implementation of Graphite/Carbon server with classic architecture: Agent -> Cache -> Persister

  •    Go

Faster than default carbon. In all conditions :) How much faster depends on server hardware, storage-schemas, etc. There were some efforts to find out maximum possible performance of go-carbon on a hardware (2xE5-2620v3, 128GB RAM, local SSDs).

carbon-components-react - React components for the Carbon Design System

  •    Javascript

A collection of Carbon Components implemented using React. View available React Components here. Usage information is available when you click the blue ? icon in the top right corner of the selected component.

carbon-relay-ng - Fast carbon relay+aggregator with admin interfaces for making changes online - production ready

  •    Go

First: "matching": you can match metrics on one or more of: prefix, substring, or regex. All 3 default to "" (empty string, i.e. allow all). The conditions are AND-ed. Regexes are more resource intensive and hence should - and often can be - avoided. All incoming metrics are validated and go into the table when valid.

carbon - Carbon by Sage | ReactJS UI Component Library

  •    Javascript

Carbon is a library of reusable React components and an interface for easily building user interfaces based on Flux. Carbon Factory is supplementary to Carbon; providing tools to easily get your environment and project up and running to start building with React. As well as providing a command line interface to build projects, it manages tasks for compiling your assets and running test suites.

carbon.js - A Lightweight library for hierarchically composable JavaScript Elements

  •    Javascript

The goal of this project is to enable Polymer-like application architecture without the weight and constraints of DOM. It is heavily inspired by Polymer.js. The core ideas in this library originate from attempts to build complex applications using Polymer.js and custom elements. Hierarchical DOM-based application model works great for the UI and promotes good practices such as modularization and reusability. However, application logic very often needs to break out from the DOM structure and building it with DOM often results in higher complexity. This library takes some concepts from custom elements and mixes it with common JavaScript techniques. The resulting architecture pattern sits somewhere between object oriented and DOM-based and provides a simple data binding interface to DOM-based UI.

HotKey - Simple global shortcuts in macOS

  •    Swift

Simple global shortcuts in macOS. HotKey wraps the Carbon APIs for dealing with global hot keys to make it easy to use in Swift. HotKey, along with Color, were created for use in Contrast, a macOS app for checking designs for accessible color combinations.

carbon-clickhouse - Graphite metrics receiver with ClickHouse as storage

  •    Go

Add graphite_rollup section to config.xml. Sample here. You can use carbon-schema-to-clickhouse for generate rollup xml from graphite storage-schemas.conf.

graphyte - Python 3 compatible library to send data to a Graphite metrics server (Carbon)

  •    Python

graphyte is a small Python library that sends data to a Graphite metrics server (Carbon). We wrote it because the existing graphitesend library didn’t support Python 3, and it also required gevent for asyncronous use. graphyte is compatible with Python 3.4+ as well as Python 2.7, and uses the standard library’s threading module for asynchronous use. If you want to send via UDP instead of TCP, just add protocol='udp' to the init() or Sender() call.

carbonapi - High performance Graphite frontend in go

  •    Go

Carbonapi is a Go-based Graphite frontend. It provides two binaries, carbonapi and carbonzipper, that unify responses from multiple Graphite backends and provide math and graphing functions. This project is run in production at Booking.com. We are in the process of documenting its installation and setup, but can answer any questions that interested persons have.

carbonSublime - 🖥️ A Sublime Text 3 Plugin for Carbon. (https://carbon.now.sh)

  •    Python

Carbon Sublime (or Carbon via Package Control) is a Sublime Text 3 Plugin for Carbon. Install Carbon via Package Control.

carbonapi - API server for github.com/go-graphite/carbonzipper

  •    Go

CarbonAPI supports a significant subset of graphite functions [see COMPATIBILITY]. In our testing it has shown to be 5x-10x faster than requesting data from graphite-web. For requirements see Requirements section below.

carbonmem - in-memory carbon-like store

  •    Go

Optimized to answer to topK kind of queries. For an overview of the stack and how the pieces fit together, watch Graphite@Scale or How to store millions metrics per second from FOSDEM '17.

carbonzipper - proxy to transparently merge graphite carbon backends

  •    Go

DEPRECATED carbonzipper was fully merged with carbonapi and all new fixes, etc are now buildable from carbonapi/cmd/carbonzipper. This repo is available for historical purposes, no future changes will be made to master branch. Minor bugfixes might still be commited to 0.x branch which represents carbonzipper state at version 0.74. Please note that since carbonapi 0.8 it's no longer needed to run separate carbonzipper. This repo still contains a buildable daemon, but it's mostly for compatibility reasons and for those who don't need carbonapi functionality.