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tmux2html - :cat2: Render full tmux windows or individual panes as HTML

  •    Python

tmux2html captures full tmux windows or individual panes then parses their contents into HTML in living . The output can either be still snapshots, or animated sequences. With a web server that uses gzip compression, the size over the network is negligible for reasonably sized windows or panes.

qgis-latlontools-plugin - QGIS tools to capture and zoom to coordinates (including MGRS), using decimal, DMS, and WKT notation

  •    Python

Lat Lon Tools makes it easy to capture, zoom to coordinates, and interact with other on-line mapping tools. It adds MGRS and Plus Code coordinate support to QGIS. When working with Google Earth, Google Maps or other on-line mapping tools, coordinates are specified in the order of 'Latitude, Longitude'. By default Lat Lon Tools uses the standard Google Map format, but is very flexible and can use virtually any projection and coordinate format for input and output. The following tools are available in Lat Lon Tools. Some of the functions can be accessed from the Lat Lon Tools toolbar. If for some reason the toolbar is missing, select the menu item View->Toolbars and make sure Lat Lon Tools Toolbar is enabled.

docker-network-capture - Capture network traffic of a running container

  •    Python

A small utility written in Python3 that can help you debug network problems of Docker containers. The main process starts off as root and creates two pipeline producers, one for the ethernet interface of the container and one for the namespaced loopback interface. Each pipeline launches it's own tcpdump capture process, after that is done, the main process deprivileges itself by changing it's UID/GID/Groups settings to nobody. After the tcpdump process is ready, a new process is forked, which is immediately deprivileged in the same way as the main process, and this process then handles the the parsing of raw byte stream into packets via PCAP and feeding them back to the main process via the Queue.