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pwntools - CTF framework and exploit development library

  •    Python

Pwntools is a CTF framework and exploit development library. Written in Python, it is designed for rapid prototyping and development, and intended to make exploit writing as simple as possible. You can now do a live demo of Pwntools, right in your browser.

Exploit-Writeups - A collection where my current and future writeups for exploits/CTF will go


Welcome to my collection of exploit writeups. This repo is where my current and future writeups for public exploits, vulnerability research, and CTF challenge solves will go. Below is a directory of the current writeups that I've published. An overview of the PS4 kernel exploit codenamed "namedobj", which targets a type confusion vulnerability in the sys_namedobj_* Sony system calls. This overview covers the basic exploit strategy required to leverage the type confusion bug into a fully fledged exploit.

cracknet - A

  •    CSharp

A .net Crackme Challenge made for the SecTalks Brisbane 2017 CTF Event. Note that this is a debug build and not a release build, due to compiler instructions. Only the executable needs to be included for the challenge.

stegextract - Detect hidden files and text in images

  •    Shell

Bash script to extract hidden files and strings from images. Stegextract extracts any trailing data after the image's closing bytes, and any hidden files (or other images) embedded within the image. Short byte combinations such as JPEG's FFD8 FFE0 might sometimes create false positives. Manually reviewing the hexdump is sometimes inevitable in cases of highly complex embedded files. Stegextract is not the solution for any color/pixel/filter/LSB related Steganography, nor does it try to be. It relies on magic numbers, hexdumps and binary data alone. Currently supports PNG, JPG, and GIF.

phdctf-2017 - PHDays Online CTF 2017. Developed with ♥ by Hackerdom team

  •    C

PHDays CTF2017 is an online international challenge in the information security. Developed by Hackerdom team for PHDays VII forum. The contest is driven by classic rules (Attack-Defense CTF) Each team is given a set of vulnerable services. Organizers regulary fill services with private information — the flags. The goal of each team is to find vulnerabilities, fix them in their services and exploit them in order to get flags from other teams.

juice-shop-ctf - Capture-the-Flag (CTF) environment setup tools for OWASP Juice Shop

  •    Javascript

The NPM package juice-shop-ctf-cli lets you create a archive files for conveniently import OWASP Juice Shop challenges into different Capture the Flag frameworks. This allows you to populate a CTF game server in a matter of minutes. Then follow the instructions of the interactive command line tool.

game-of-thrones-hacking-ctf - Game of Thrones hacking CTF (Capture the flag)


This is a challenge-game to measure your hacking skills. Set in Game of Thrones fantasy world. Get the 7 kingdom flags and the 4 extra content flags (3 secret flags + final battle flag). There are 11 in total.

basecrack - Decode All Bases - Base Scheme Decoder

  •    Python

BaseCrack is a tool written in Python that can decode all alphanumeric base encoding schemes. This tool can accept single user input, multiple inputs from a file, input from argument, multi-encoded bases, bases in image EXIF data, bases on images with OCR and decode them incredibly fast. Decode Base16, Base32, Base36, Base58, Base62, Base64, Base64Url, Base85, Ascii85, Base91, Base92 and more with the best base encoding scheme decoding tool in town. It's useful for CTFs, Bug Bounty Hunting, and Cryptography (NOTE: Base Encoding is not an "Encryption" hence it doesn't fall under the Cryptography category, it's useful as base scheme encoding are often used in cryptography tools/projects/challenges).

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