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go-capnproto2 - Cap'n Proto library and code generator for Go

  •    Go

You will need the capnp tool to compile schemas into Go. This package has been tested with Cap'n Proto 0.5.0. This library uses SemVer tags to indicate stable releases. While the goal is that master should always be passing all known tests, tagged releases are vetted more. When possible, use the latest release tag.

cpp-serializers - Benchmark comparing various data serialization libraries (thrift, protobuf etc

  •    C++

Compare various data serialization libraries for C++. This project does not have any external library dependencies. All (boost, thrift etc.) needed libraries are downloaded and built automatically, but you need enough free disk space to build all components. To build this project you need a compiler that supports C++11 features. Project was tested with GCC 4.8.2 (Ubuntu 14.04).

capnp-rpc - Cap'n Proto RPC implementation

  •    OCaml

Copyright 2017 Docker, Inc. See LICENSE.md for details. APIs are defined using a schema file, which is compiled to create bindings for different languages automatically.

pony-capnp - Cap’n Proto plugin for generating serializable Pony classes

  •    Pony

Cap’n Proto plugin for generating serializable Pony classes. WARNING - This plugin is incomplete and under development.