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canmatrix - Converting Can (Controller Area Network) Database Formats .arxml .dbc .dbf .kcd ...

  •    Python

Canmatrix implements a "Python Can Matrix Object" which describes the can-communication and the needed objects (Boardunits, Frames, Signals, Values, ...) Canmatrix also includes two Tools (canconvert and cancompare) for converting and comparing CAN databases.

OpenNETXC an unofficial port of the OpenXCPlatform Project to WinRT


An Unofficial WInRT port of the OpenXC Platform to WinRT see http://openxcplatform.com/

python-udsoncan - Python implementation of UDS (ISO-14229) standard.

  •    Python

This project is an implementation of the Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) protocol defined by ISO-14229 written in Python 3. The code is published under MIT license on GitHub (pylessard/python-udsoncan).

sapog - Sapog - advanced multiplatform ESC firmware

  •    C

READ THE DOCUMENTATION AT THE ZUBAX KNOWLEDGE BASE. If you're not running Linux or OSX natively, you can use Bistromathic - a Linux virtual machine pre-configured for embedded development.

libcanard - A compact implementation of the UAVCAN/CAN protocol in C for high-integrity real-time embedded systems

  •    C++

Libcanard is a compact implementation of the UAVCAN/CAN protocol stack in C99/C11 for high-integrity real-time embedded systems. UAVCAN is an open lightweight data bus standard designed for reliable intravehicular communication in aerospace and robotic applications via CAN bus, Ethernet, and other robust transports. The acronym UAVCAN stands for Uncomplicated Application-level Vehicular Computing And Networking.

libuavcan_linux - MOVED https://github.com/UAVCAN/platform_specific_components/tree/legacy-v0

  •    C++

Note that the driver will be able to synchronize the system clock with the network time only if the node application is running with root privileges. Please read the class documentation at include/uavcan_linux/clock.hpp for details. This part describes how to install libuavcan - including the Linux driver - on a Linux machine.

specification - The UAVCAN specification documents are maintained here.

  •    TeX

The sources of the UAVCAN specification and other related documents are contained here. When cloning this repository, don't forget to initialize the Git submodules: git submodule update --init --recursive.

python-can-isotp - A Python package that provides support for ISO-TP (ISO-15765) protocol

  •    Python

This project is a Python package meant to provide support for IsoTP (ISO-15765) protocol written in Python 3. The code is published under MIT license on GitHub (pylessard/python-can-isotp).

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