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camunda-worker-node - Implement external task workers for Camunda BPM in NodeJS.

  •    Javascript

Implement external task workers for Camunda BPM in NodeJS. Compatible with Camunda BPM 7.5+.

blog.camunda.org - The Camunda BPM Team Blog

  •    HTML

If you wrote blogposts on our previous blog (which was based on google blogger), then you are probably familiar with logging into blogger and writing a post in blogger's editing environment. The new blog is not based on blogger and works completely differently. This blog is generated using a static site generator (Hugo). This means that the blog has no "backend", no database, no php, no nothing. It also means that you cannot "login somewhere" in order to write a post.

camunda-bpm-mockito - Provides mock helpers to register delegate/listener mocks while testing processes

  •    Java

camunda-bpm-mockito is a community extension for the Camunda BPM process engine that aims to simplify and automate mocking of process applications. Sometimes you want to test a Bean that uses the query API. Since the API is fluent, you would have to mock every single parameter call and let your service return the mocked query.

camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter - Camunda BPM bootified!

  •    Java

This project provides Spring Boot starters that allow you to integrate the Camunda BPM Platform into your Spring Boot applications. Please check out the Documentation, the Getting Started Guide and the Examples.

camunda-bpmn-moddle - Camunda moddle extensions for BPMN 2.0

  •    Javascript

This project defines the Camunda namespace extensions for BPMN 2.0 as a moddle descriptor. Use it together with bpmn-moddle to validate Camunda BPMN 2.0 extensions.

camunda-commons-ui - Common resources and libraries for camunda web applications

  •    HTML

Important note: This project is used internally and the API of its components are subject to changes at any time. Widgets are reusable components which should be easy to integrate in the Camunda webapp and your own projects.


  •    Javascript

Note: you can clone this repository anywhere, but you may then change the setup.target value of package.json. After installing (you probably want to have hugo running as watching server) and then use grunt in this directory.

camunda-external-task-client-js - Implement your BPMN Service Task in NodeJS.

  •    Javascript

Implement your BPMN Service Task in NodeJS. Note: Although the examples used in this documentation use async await for handling asynchronous calls, you can also use Promises to achieve the same results.

camunda-modeler-plugins - Plugins for the Camunda Modeler.

  •    Javascript

Looking for a starting point to create you own plugin? Checkout our plugin starter project or consult the plugins documentation. This repository contains a number of plugins for the Camunda Modeler.

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