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camel-language-server - Camel Language Server

  •    Java

camel-language-server is a server implementation that provides Camel DSL smartness. The server adheres to the language server protocol and can be used with any editor that supports the protocol. The server utilizes Apache Camel and M2Eclipse. ASL 2.0, See LICENSE file.

camel-bindy-example - camel Bindy Example

  •    Java

######Input A java pojo Department with multiple employees will get generated using the method generateEmployeeDepartmentModel from "org.apache.camel.example.util.ModelGenerator.java".

camel-cxfrs-example - Camel CXF Rest Example with JSON

  •    Java

The CountryService creates a rest interface as shown below. This module contains POJOs that are shared by both client and service module.