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versions - Versions, A small module for creating a flexible CDN application

  •    Javascript

Please note that the build status only displays the status of the GitHub master branch. New stable versions are only released once the master passes all tests. Versions comes with tons of features to make it easier for you to set up a simple static server. We try to support as many features as a normal paid CDN would provide for you.

express-expeditious - express caching middlware powered by expeditious

  •    Javascript

An express middleware that simplifies caching responses for HTTP requests of any type. It also handles many unique cases such as piping data, using sessions, and ETags. This middleware is implemented at the socket level, so it is entirely transparent to the response methods such as res.json, res.end, etc. and stays out of your way as a result. TypeScript support is also included. If you'd like to write an engine of your own for another storage system then take a look at the source code for those modules - it's pretty easy and there's more information here.

aptutil - Go utilities for Debian APT repositories

  •    Go

go-apt-cacher is a caching reverse proxy built specially for Debian (APT) repositories. This repository also contains a mirroring utility go-apt-mirror. Pre-built binaries are available on releases.