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laravel-responsecache - Speed up a Laravel app by caching the entire response

  •    PHP

This Laravel 5.5 package can cache an entire response. By default it will cache all successful get-requests for a week. This could potentially speed up the response quite considerably. So the first time a request comes in the package will save the response before sending it to the users. When the same request comes in again we're not going through the entire application but just respond with the saved response.

memoize-one - A memoization library which only remembers the latest invocation

  •    Javascript

A memoization library that only caches the result of the most recent arguments. There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.

bigcache - Efficient cache for gigabytes of data written in Go.

  •    Go

Fast, concurrent, evicting in-memory cache written to keep big number of entries without impact on performance. BigCache keeps entries on heap but omits GC for them. To achieve that operations on bytes arrays take place, therefore entries (de)serialization in front of the cache will be needed in most use cases.

moize - The consistently-fast, complete memoization solution for JS

  •    Javascript

moize is a consistently blazing fast memoization library for JavaScript. It handles multiple parameters (including default values) without any additional configuration, and offers a large number of options to satisfy any number of potential use-cases. All parameter types are supported, including circular objects, functions, etc. There are also a number of shortcut methods to memoize for unique use-cases.

LazyCache - An easy to use thread safe generics based in memory caching service with a simple developer friendly API for c#

  •    CSharp

Lazy cache is a simple in-memory caching service. It has a developer friendly generics based API, and provides a thread safe cache implementation that guarantees to only execute your cachable delegates once (it's lazy!). Under the hood it leverages Microsoft.Extensions.Caching and Lazy to provide performance and reliability in heavy load scenarios. As you can see the magic happens in the GetOrAdd() method which gives the consumer an atomic and tidy way to add caching to your code. It leverages a factory delegate Func and generics to make it easy to add cached method calls to your app.

scaffeine - Thin Scala wrapper for Caffeine

  •    Scala

Caffeine is an awesome Java caching library. It has an impressive performance and a neat Java 8 API. However the API does not play very well with Scala. So this is the thinner wrapper we can came with to make Caffeine easy and idiomatic to use in Scala.

bottle-service - Instant web applications restored from ServiceWorker cache

  •    Javascript

When the page loads, the ServiceWorker will intercept index.html and will insert the saved HTML snapshot into the page before returning it back to the browser for rendering. Thus there is no page rewriting on load, no flicker, etc.

express-cache-on-demand - express-cache-on-demand

  •    Javascript

Express middleware providing on-demand caching in high traffic situations.

disk-memoizer - Simple disk memoization for caching hight latency IO responses

  •    Javascript

Simple disk memoization and in memory LRU cache for speeding up frequently accessed high latency IO resources. Queues up concurrent requests for the same resource before it has been cached to avoid fetching it multiple times in parallel.

holdon - A simple unique key based cache

  •    Javascript

Specially handy in all those situations where one unique id can perform an asynchronous action you don't want to drop the first time is called but you want to store all listeners waiting for such result. Here’s a good explanation: http://calendar.perfplanet.com/2014/boosting-io-holding-requests/. In another file ...

ansible-role-memcached - Ansible Role - Memcached


An Ansible Role that installs Memcached on RedHat/CentOS or Debian/Ubuntu Linux. None.

cache-require-paths - Caches resolved paths in module require to avoid Node hunting for right module

  •    Javascript

Caches resolved paths in module require to avoid Node hunting for right module. Speeds up app load. This is a partial solution to Node "hunting" for right file to load when you require a 3rd party dependency. See Node’s require is dog slow and Faster Node app require for details.

laravel-partialcache - Blade directive to cache rendered partials in laravel

  •    PHP

This package provides a Blade directive for Laravel >=5.1 to cache rendered partials in Laravel. The facade is optional, but the rest of this guide assumes you're using it.

once - A magic memoization function

  •    PHP

No matter how many times you run (new MyClass())->getNumber() inside the same request you'll always get the same number. Spatie is a webdesign agency based in Antwerp, Belgium. You'll find an overview of all our open source projects on our website.

laravel-blink - Cache that expires in the blink of an eye

  •    PHP

This package contains a helper function (and a Facade should you prefer that) called blink that can cache values. The cache only spans the length of a single request. A Blink instance can just be newed up.

grav-plugin-advanced-pagecache - Grav AdvancedPageCache Plugin

  •    PHP

AdvancedPageCache is a powerful static page cache type plugin that caches the entire page output to the Grav cache and reuses this when the URL path is requested again. This can dramatically increase the performance of a Grav site. Due to the static nature of this cache, if enabled, you will need to manually clear the cache if you make any page modifications. This cache plugin (by default) will cache pages that have URLs that contain either querystring or grav-paramater style values, you may want to disable this behavior. This plugin can provide dramatic performance boosts and is an ideal solution for sites with many pages and predominantely static content.

emitty - 📦 Determine the inheritance of template and style files.

  •    TypeScript

Determine the inheritance of template and style files. Most HTML and CSS preprocessors use a synchronous API to access file system and don't use cache for already read files. It degrades performance and increases the time required to compile the code.

yellfy-pug-inheritance - :wolf: Determine the inheritance of Pug (Jade) templates.

  •    TypeScript

Determine the inheritance of Pug (ex. Jade) templates. Because existing solutions use redundant modules such as Pug parser and Glob.

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