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smart_open - Utils for streaming large files (S3, HDFS, gzip, bz2...)

  •    Python

There are a few optional keyword arguments that are useful only for S3 access. These are both passed to boto.s3_connect() as keyword arguments. The S3 reader supports gzipped content, as long as the key is obviously a gzipped file (e.g. ends with ".gz").

archiver - Easily create and extract

  •    Go

Package archiver makes it trivially easy to make and extract common archive formats such as .zip, and .tar.gz. Simply name the input and output file(s).Files are put into the root of the archive; directories are recursively added, preserving structure.

unbzip2-stream - streaming unbzip2 implementatio in pure javascript for node and browsers

  •    Javascript

streaming bzip2 decompressor in pure JS for Node and browserify. When browserified, the stream emits instances of feross/buffer instead of raw Uint8Arrays to have a consistant API across browsers and Node.

decompress-tarbz2 - tar.bz2 plugin for decompress

  •    Javascript

Returns both a Promise for a Buffer and a Duplex stream. Buffer to decompress.

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