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  •    Javascript

A fast and complete ByteBuffer implementation using either ArrayBuffers in the browser or node Buffers under node.js, generated from a single source tree through MetaScript. The library is compatible with CommonJS and AMD loaders and is exposed globally as dcodeIO.ByteBuffer if neither is available.

PSON - A super efficient binary serialization format for JSON.

  •    Javascript

PSON is a super efficient binary serialization format for JSON focused on minimal encoding size. A PSON.StaticPair contains the PSON encoder and decoder for a static (or empty) dictionary and can be shared between all connections. It's recommended for production.

scroll - Scroll - making scrolling through buffers fun since 2016

  •    Rust

Scroll implements several traits for read/writing generic containers (byte buffers are currently implemented by default). Most familiar will likely be the Pread trait, which at its basic takes an immutable reference to self, an immutable offset to read at, (and a parsing context, more on that later), and then returns the deserialized value. Because self is immutable, all reads can be performed in parallel and hence are trivially parallelizable.

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