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Buttons - A CSS button library built using Sass and Compass

  •    Javascript

Buttons is a highly customizable production ready mobile web and desktop css button library. Buttons is a free open source project created using Sass. Authors Alex Wolfe and Rob Levin.

ng-bootstrap - Angular powered Bootstrap

  •    TypeScript

Welcome to the Angular version of the Angular UI Bootstrap library. This library is being built from scratch by the ui-bootstrap team. We are using TypeScript and targeting the Bootstrap 4 CSS framework. As with Bootstrap 4, this library is a work in progress. Please check out our list of issues to see all the things we are implementing. Feel free to make comments there.

github-buttons - Showcase the success of any GitHub repo or user with these simple, static buttons with dynamic counts

  •    CSS

Showcase your GitHub (repo's) success with these static buttons featuring links to your GitHub repo or profile page and up-to-date watch, fork, and follower counts. Have a bug? Please create an issue here on GitHub at https://github.com/mdo/github-buttons/issues.

angular-socialshare - Angular social share module, share urls and content on social networks such as facebook, google+, twitter, pinterest and more

  •    HTML

Angular Socialshare is an angularjs directive for sharing urls and content on social networks such as (facebook, google+, twitter, pinterest and so on). The Angular Socialshare is developed by 720kb.

Quttons - Buttons made of Quantum Paper

  •    Javascript

Qunatum Paper is a digital paper that can change its size, shape and color to accommodate new content. Quantum paper is part of Google's new Material Design language. Switch to gh-pages branch to look at code used in demo site.

github-buttons - :octocat: Unofficial github:buttons.

  •    CoffeeScript

The easiest way to get started is to use the github:button generator. Button type is detected through button's href attribute.

btns - A set of css utilities for constructing beautiful responsive buttons

  •    CSS

A small css module that allows for nice-looking, fully-responsive buttons. You can just grab the css.

social-share-kit - Library of decent and good looking CSS/JavaScript social sharing icons, buttons and popups

  •    CSS

Social Share Kit is a library of decent and good looking CSS/JavaScript social sharing icons, buttons and popups. IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari. JavaScript library is standalone and has no 3rd party requirements.

Leaflet.EasyButton - leaflet control buttons with icons and callbacks

  •    Javascript

These use YOUR_LEAFLET_MAP as a placeholder; remember to change it to the variable name of your map. EasyButton version 2.x.x and up expect Leaflet 1.x.x or higher; for Leaflet 0.7.x use EasyButton 1.3.x.

pushy-buttons - CSS Pressable 3D Buttons. 👇

  •    CSS

A small CSS Pressable Buttons library. Checkout the Demo to see the buttons in action.

LTFinderButtons - My Finder buttons collection for macOS.


My Finder buttons collection for macOS. Download or git clone the buttons in a proper place. Hold on command button and drag each one into your Finder toolbar.

lotus.css - A minimalist's typography focused and responsive framework for the web

  •    CSS

Run lotus in your project's directory. A minified lotus build will be sent to process.stdout. For a reference of configurable variables see here.

buttons - Sooo many buttons

  •    HTML

This project is an exercise in separation of concerns regarding structure, style, content and data. The primary goal is to clearly demonstrate how to construct UI components, from simple to advanced, using only buttons as the example. Not all examples explicitly focus on "separation of concerns" as the sole purpose of the example. Some examples show how to leverage JavaScript helpers alongside advanced templates, some offer alternatives for maintaining metadata about a component, while others are simply intended to help non-programmers get started or to give experienced programmers ideas.

codemirror-buttons - CodeMirror buttons addon

  •    Javascript

Adds a panel with buttons specified via config. Include scripts needed into webpage.

Android-SocialButtons - A library for easily implementing social login/share buttons

  •    Java

An android library for implementing login/share buttons easily for social networks. As of now, this is only a UI library. This library does not provide any social network functionality. That you have to code yourself.

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